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Caesar III - High Quality Music - Game mod - Download

The file High Quality Music is a modification for Caesar III, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size28.6 MB


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last updateThursday, May 6, 2021

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

High Quality Music is a fix for Caesar 3. It consists of high-quality MP3 files that were once available from the Sierra Website, you can play them instead of the original files. It’s designed to be used with Julius or Augustus projects.



In order to play the files, you must have the library libmpg123-0 installed. If you installed Julius or Augustus using one of the official releases, libmpg123-0 is already installed.

Where to place the MP3 files

Create a folder named mp3 in the main folder where your Caesar 3 data files are. In this folder, place some or all of the following files:

ROME1.mp3 - City background music, population 0 to 1000

ROME2.mp3 - City background music, population 1000 to 2000

ROME3.mp3 - City background music, population 2000 to 5000

ROME4.mp3 - City background music, population 5000 to 7000

ROME5.mp3 - City background music, population 7000+

Combat_Long.mp3 - Battle music, 32 or more invaders on the map

Combat_Short.mp3 - Short battle music, 1-31 invaders on the map

setup.mp3 - Main menu music

For each file that is missing, Julius will play the original .wav instead.

  • Last update: Thursday, May 6, 2021
  • Genre: Strategy
  • File size: 28.6 MB

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Caesar III - Augustus v.3.1.0 mod 39.1 MB 7/10/2022 13.1K 472
Caesar III - Caesar 3 - Full HD+ v.3082016 mod 2.2 MB 10/19/2018 17.3K 126
Caesar III - Julius v.1.7.0 mod 1.5 MB 11/1/2021 4.4K 89
Caesar III - patch 22.4 MB 3/15/2021 3.6K 81
Caesar III - High Quality Music mod 28.6 MB 5/6/2021 1.9K 49