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Farming Simulator 22 - Farming on the Emerald Coast v.1.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Farming on the Emerald Coast v.1.0 is a modification for Farming Simulator 22, a(n) simulation game. Download for free.

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last updateTuesday, June 6, 2023

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Farming on the Emerald Coast  is a mod for Farming Simulator 22, created by ccs101


Mod adds a new map to the game, located on the eponymous Emerald Coast

Details (in author’s own words):

Welcome to Farming on the Emerald Coast...


First, a history lesson...

The Emerald Coast maps trace their history all the way back to a map I worked on for FS 2013, entitled "Southeastern USA".

The original intent was to make a map which embodied the atmosphere and "feel" of the Panhandle area of Northwest Florida,

affectionatly known as "The Emerald Coast". Most think of Florida as beaches, condos and palm or orange trees, but that is

further south in the state and along the beachlines. The Panhandle area of Florida actually has much agriculture going on

and there are many farms in the area.

This map area is focused on the locality of a small town a few miles north of the coastline, Jay, FL. To accurately embody

this area in a true to life example would require a huge map, much, much larger than this 4x size. As a result, this version

of the Emerald Coast USA series has the look and "feel" of the area, although it is scaled down considerably from real life.

The first actual release version of an Emerald Coast USA map was one I worked on with my son, as a joint project. However,

it was released late in the FS 2015 season, so many folks did not hear of it. With the arrival of FS 2017, I converted and

brought the map forward, incorporating many new ideas and features into the map. FS 2017 Emerald Coast USA was the first

ever Farm Simulator map to have true dynamic mud (which responds to rain) and the first map to feature Reallogger's new mod

at the time, The Graze Mod. With the arrival of FS 2019, I again brought the map forward, once again including many new

ideas and features. FS 2019 Emerald Coast USA was the first ever FS map to have the GtX scripted single crop grain bins

and storage silos which could only hold one crop at a time, and it was the first ever FS map to have anhydrous as an actual

separate filltype (although many American maps later adopted this same idea, for additional realism) and it the first ever

to have a "pre-compost" which you had to "bake" in a bunker like silage in order to produce your real compost... this made

compost production so much more realistic, very much like the way it is actually done in this area, where the maps were based.

For this newest version, the map is all new for FS 22, with a dem and layout that looks back at the original dem and layout

of the Southeastern USA map for FS 2013, which never was released, and which dem much more closely matches the local area

around here in the Panhandle. Additionally, the map has been expanded to 4x size, 4 times larger than the previous versions

of Emerald Coast USA and has a new name as well. My hope is that players will enjoy their time here on the Emerald Coast!


Deep in the southeastern United States lies the Emerald Coast, in the northwestern Panhandle of Florida. Just north of the

beautiful white sand beaches and condos, however, there is rich farmland. Now you can journey to this area and enjoy the

farming experience for yourself. In this region, forestry is just as big a business as arable farming, therefore, a large,

state-owned forest dominates the northwestern hills of this map. To the east of the forest area are large tracts of land

which a developer is anxious to sell off, where there are no zoning restrictions - you can do whatever you want. South of

these areas is the community of Jay, FL. located along highway 4. South of this highway is abundant farmland, most of it

in excellent condition. All total, there are 190 buyable land tracts on this map, including many in the large forest.

You, the farmer, are new in town... a "down on his luck" ex-famous youtuber farmer, once basking in the praise and "likes"

of more than a million followers... then, tradgedy struck. A natural disaster destroyed your massive farming operation

up north, leaving you with not much money and nothing but your old, red, farm truck. A good friend of yours allows you to

use his old warehouse in town as a contractor's building so you can stage some equipment. It has a small apartment on the

side, accessable from inside the warehouse and outside via the main door, but no cameras are allowed in there, so we never

see the inside. Your friend encourages you to take contracts around the area locally until you are back on your feet and

can work out a game plan. If you start in "New Farmer" mode (the recommended start mode) you are then "gifted" some stuff

from the local JD dealer, who is hoping to get in on your next "rise to fame". If starting in another mode, you're on

your own... sorry. To make money at the start, there are many routes to take... you can save up by doing contracts and

buy a production facility, or some different equipment, or some land. There are many lots around that you can buy to set

up your own production or even just to have storage space for your stuff. Some are pristine, already paved and ready.

Others may need to be mowed a bit, some are in bad shape, needing debris removed and cleared off before moving in. There

are many nice homes located around the area for when you are tired of living in the apartment. To get rich quick, there

are collectibles to be found... 20 antique game cartridges will net you about a million if you find them all... also,

there are some nice, collectible JD toys, 25 in all, that you can search out and collect, which will net you at least

another million... lastly, there is a huge, gold nugget to be found which has a reward of a cool million upon you finding

it. You could easily be a millionare! So, you are here now, on the Emerald Coast... can you become a renowned, master

farmer once again and regain your former fame?

New for FS 22 in this map are my American trains, with working signal lights, scripts courtesy of GtX... brought forward

from my FS 2019 maps. The trains are not drivable, they run on a schedule and the signals change as the trains pass each

time. There are also a couple of aircraft which function the same way... a high-flying airliner on its way to a distant

airport and a speedy fighter jet from one of the nearby airbases. Also, for the first time ever in FS 22, there is a

movable main waterplane that responds to the rainfall, get a lot of rain, the water rises up to "floodstage" and the low

lying areas of the map get some water... Once it stops raining, the water level goes back down to its normal level over

time. This script is courtesy of Akuenzi, who wrote the version for my FS 2019 Midtown USA map, and courtesy of GtX for

being kind enough to convert it for my use in FS 22. This flooding simulates the real life situation in many of the lower

lying areas around here during heavy rains, with the actual water table being a mere few feet underground.

This map features custom cut corn textures (courtesy of AW Modding) for a much more realistic appearance during harvest.

Also, this map uses the lighting configuration ReLight (by Suchsneak) for better looking visuals and shadows. There are

custom sounds as well, and custom ground paint textures and foliage. The map features multi-terrain angle with 32 angles

rather than the game default of 8... this provides much better realism in appearance of plowed and cultivated fields, and

unlike higher numbers of angles, will be the best balance between realism detail in the furrows and AI performance.

The majority of the land on the map is buyable (not all of it, cause this is, after all, the real world, you cannot just

buy a whole county or town... lol) with lots in town, both residential and commercial, as well as lots and fields in the


All of the buyable farms are built out from the start in any game mode, also for realism, but, once purchased, you can

sell or keep all of the buildings, silos and decorative objects. You want to change something, go ahead! Some of the

sellable objects may not be purchased again due to custom terrain conformation. Additionally, in some cases, you may

actually have to "pay" to remove the item, for example, an old, run down barn that is worth nothing, or maybe an old,

dead tree that is too large to cut with a chain saw.

Also, each farm house on the map is on its own separate lot... you are not forced to buy a house along with the farm. So

you can live anywhere you want!

All of the individual bins are set to hold one crop only (as IRL you would not dump all your different grains into one bin)

BIG shout out to Giants for putting this feature into the default game... before, we always needed scripted bins to

accomplish this.

This map includes a custom growth calendar (courtesy of gmngjoy) to better simulate the growing season of this area, (the

growth calendar is based directly off the custom GEO made by realloger for the Seasons ready 2019 map)and the environment

has been tweaked to better simulate the local weather.

The map is Precision Farming ready, and includes a custom precision farming soilmap to simulate the sandy soils we deal with

here, along with the high clay content in the hills.

The map has 23 production points scattered around the area, with plenty of room to build out more if you desire. Anhydrous,

propane, dry-maize, dry-soybean, pre-compost and compost are all added in fill-types so nothing extra is required to enjoy

the extra productions these will drive. A modded Precision Farming will be needed however, in order to monitor and track

anhydrous usage when applying it to the map.

• In "New Farmer" mode you start with some equipment (gifted to you by the local JD dealer) some money and the best wishes

of the folks in the community. If you start in the harder modes, you get nothing but some money (and your worn, old

farm truck)... so work wisely...

• Although your old farm truck is from out of state with the associated car tags, new vehicles purchased in this map will

have proper Florida tags for the vehicles, if you choose to have the plate on them. Florida does require tags on trailers

and farm equipment, but remember, they are only used on the back of the vehicle, not front and back as in some other states.

• You can get free water at one of the lakes on the map (the county frowns on you swiping water from one of the drainfield

ponds, though) and the pig farm has a water well and the horse farm has a windmill waterpump. There are no magic seed

and fertilizer sellpoint triggers on the map, you must buy these at local sellpoints in various locations. There are

diesel storage tanks on most of the farms and you can call in fuel deliveries for a small fee.

• There are many locations to purchase the supplies you will need, Crop Production Services, located in town, will sell you

bulk lime, fertilizer and bulk seeds. AgriChem, located down by the traintracks, will sell you liquid fertilizer and any

herbicide you may need. Anhydrous Solutions, located next door to Deep South Grain Systems, will fill your orders for

any anhydrous you need. For propane in bulk, stop by Ferrell Gas in town where they will take care of your needs. If

you are in need of bulk pigfood, Emerald Shores Feeds, located in town, can take care of you. If, for some reason, you

need manure or slurry, the animal dealer will happily sell you whatever you need, at dirt cheap prices.

• There are two typical filling stations for you to buy fuel, Phillips 66 in town and Shell down by the train tracks. At

both of these locations, pricing on the signage and the pumps is matched to what it sells for IRL here... (of course,

as fuel prices fluctuate up and down daily, the prices will not reflect the EXACT price at a specific day/time of the year)

and, the price you are charged in the game will be the same as what is displayed on the signage.

• There are many points on the map to sell your produce (or production outputs) scattered around... Deep South Grain

Systems, Emerald Shores Feeds and Escambia Grain Corporation will take certain grains you have to sell... Southern AG

Crop Sales will accept your root crops and sugarcane... the sawmill up in the hills near the forest will take your cut

logs (and can become a production point if you buy it)... The Down Home Market will accept your vegetables and fresh

production items and Down Home Compost will accept your compost (you can buy the compost portion to engage in compost

bagging, a custom production process, and sell the bags) The Scott's Furniture Outlet Store will accept a variety of

production items, including many from the new DLC. Southern Style Wholesale Shippers will accept most production items

as well, rounding out the sellpoints on the map. The spinnery accepts cotton and wool as normal, unless bought as a

production facility. Bales may be sold around behind the animal dealer. Metal Recyclers will accept iron ore.

• The equipment dealer, the grain sellpoints, the rootcrop and other sellpoints and the animal dealer all have regular

business hours (posted on the office door, etc) and open at 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM or 8:00 PM every day.

There is no entry into these areas before or after their regular business hours.

• There is an additional custom production on this map, a pre-compost grinder, which accepts various inputs (along with

diesel and water) and produces pre-compost. This better simulates the compost production which occurs in this area IRL.

The pre-compost is then carried to a bunker, where it is spread, compacted, covered and fermented similar to silage.

Once complete, the finished compost can be sold or if the bagging production is owned, can be sold as bagged for even

more money.

• Another custom production featured on this map is a corn/soybean dryer... you provide bulk propane to power the dryer

and then dump in either corn or soybeans and the dryer will dry them for you. You can sell the dried grains to the

Emerald Shores Feeds facility. If you do not want to deal with drying grain, you can still sell the normal corn and

soybeans to the other grain facilities on the map.

• The productions which are preplaced on the map will function as normal sellpoints (competing for prices) if you do not

purchase them, so if production is not your thing, no worries.

To use this map, unzip the EC22_UNZIPME file and place the included files into your mod folder and remember to activate

them before beginning the first savegame. THE MAP WILL NOT LOAD UNLESS THE INCLUDED IS IN THE MOD FOLDER

AND ACTIVATED. There is also an included edited copy of the Critters mod,, which has been edited a tad so

that it blends with the custom sounds already in the map for a realistic user experience for the area the map is set to

represent. If the user does not like the Critters mod for whatever reason, they may simply leave it out... the map will

work fine without it.

Disclaimer: this is a highly detailed map, using many different scenery objects and several custom textures to achieve

visual realism, and as such will require a strong, high spec PC to run well... especially if you have lots of mods on the

farm. The only solution to this issue is to not use as many mods and/or turn the settings down. Additionally, to avoid

unforseen issues and conflicts, please have ONLY this map in the mod folder as having multiple maps in the folder will

cause issues as the game loads all the scripts from all the maps, including the active one...


Extract to …[USER NAME]\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\Mods” (User\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\Mods”.

Then select all mod files in the mod menu.

  • Last update: Tuesday, June 6, 2023
  • Genre: Simulation
  • File size: 2964.7 MB
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