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Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Guide

Kamehameha! Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Guide contains important walkthrough to help you understand mechanics of combat for each character. You’ll also find various tips about game modes and list of special moves of fighters from Dragon Ball universe.

Last update: 13 February 2018

Kamehameha! The guide to Dragon Ball Fighter Z contains the most important info related to this title. You'll learn about the available heroes, familiarize yourself with the mechanics of combat and learn how to execute spectacular combinations. You'll also learn the differences between the various gameplay modes and find some valuable tips.


This chapter contains the basic information regarding the game itself, including the system requirements of the PC version, the game's controls, or the basic tips for playing the game. An additional chapter was dedicated to the Story Mode, which offers over 15 hours of gameplay!

  1. Starting Tips
  2. Story Mode - A short Walkthrough
  3. Requirements
  4. Controls


This chapter contains answers to frequently asked questions. You'll learn about secret characters, the rewards for gathering all the 7 dragon balls, or how to choose a fighter for yourself.

  1. Which character is the best?
  2. How to unlock hidden characters?
  3. How to get Dragon Balls during combat?


The hero roster contains 24 heroes, each possessing unique moves and a distinct fighting style. We've dedicated a lot of space to the descriptions of the most popular fighters, such as:

  1. Son Goku (Super Saiyan)
  2. Krillin
  3. Android 18
  4. Piccolo
  5. Android 16
  6. Trunks
  7. Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
  8. Gohan (Teen)
  9. Frieza
  10. Cell
  11. Goku Black
  12. Hit
  13. Beerus
  14. Gohan (Adult)
  15. Kid Buu
  16. Captain Ginyu
  17. Nappa

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About Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Guide

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Translator : Filip "Asfalto" Jaron

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Video Game

  • genre: Fighting

  • developer: Arc System Works
  • publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

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