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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Guide by

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Guide

Table of Contents

Secrets of Khrumbul-Dun | Dragon Quest Builders 2 Dragon Quest Builders 2 guide, tips

Last update: 22 August 2019

In this chapter you will learn about the secrets that can be discovered on the island of Khrumbul-Dun in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Khumbul-Dun is the second (not counting the initial) island on which you can have some fun - Secrets of Khrumbul-Dun | Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Tips - Dragon Quest Builders 2 Guide

Khumbul-Dun is the second (not counting the initial) island on which you can have some fun. It is not smaller than the first one, which means that you can find many interesting places, opponents and secrets on it. These secrets have a form of hidden items, which are very hard to find. Below you will find out what these items are and where to look for them:

Cactiball - as the name suggests, it's a cactus in the shape of a ball. It looks like most cacti, but is characterized by a larger size and colorful eyes. Usually you can find it where there is the largest concentration of cacti. You can find more of them on the island when you progress in the story. At the very beginning you will hardly find any cactiball.

Rockbomb Bed - is a bed with the likeness of a creature. To reach it, you need to teleport to Upper Level: The Iron dig site, take a path on the right, move a bit further. When you see a characteristic, skeletal and skinny opponent, look to the right and destroy the colorful sand wall. Behind her, you'll find the bed. To get them, you need to attack them several times with a hammer, so they will appear in your inventory and the item entry will be added to your Builderpedia.

Crested Viper Fountain - can be found in a similar location to Rockbomb Bed. Move to the same place as in the case of Rockbomb, but from there take the other way. You will be hindered by a wall that cannot be destroyed with a normal hammer. If you don't have an upgraded hammer, you can destroy the rest of the blocks more to the right than to the center. When you get to the other side, you will see a location filled with water. From there climb the mountain. In the center of the lake there will be characteristic blocks. After climbing the mountain, you have to destroy the serpent fountain to get this item.

Flowing Dress - Fis a rare item of clothing that you will find in the Lower Level: The lava lake. As the name suggests, the location will be covered with lava, which can kill you. One way to move around this location is to fill up Bottomless Pot with water. By pouring water onto the lava, you create a hard surface that can help you in moving around in this location. To find a Flowing Dress, go ahead and create new blocks with water and turn right after a while. There will be a small island with a Treasure Chest, where we you find your new clothes.

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