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Dune Spice Wars Guide

Dune Spice Wars Guide

Melange on the desert Dune Spice Wars guide, is the best Begginer's Guide, for combat, politics, resource acquisition. We describe all mechanics, missions, operations, factions, currencies, research, Fremen Raids, Landsraad, victory conditions, system requirements, keybinds.

Last update: 22 June 2022

This guide to Dune Spice Wars will teach you how to play. You will learn the basics, things you should do at the beginning with step by step instructions, and what to do to ensure constant access to resources. You will also learn what currencies and resources are for, how to get them and what you can get with them. We explain the agents as well as their missions and operations to sabotage or infiltrate enemy troops or armies. You will learn what the Fremen Raids are and how to protect yourself from them, and how to cooperate with them through Sietch. We also described the available studies and the differences between some of them for individual fractions.

The following pages of the guide focus on more complex elements of the game, such as politics and Landsraad, or describe the available factions: Atreides, Harkonnen, Freemen and Smugglers and the differences between them. You will learn effective methods of fighting, both in defense and in attack , and the available conditions for victory - because winning the game does not always have to consist in eliminating your opponents. You will learn about numerous terms unique to the Dune world like Spice, Landsraad, Sietch, Plascrete and Sandworm.

Dune Spice Wars: Beginner's Guide & Tips

Here are some quick starting tips for Dune Spice Wars.

  1. Use the option to freeze time - until you get used to the game, you can pause the time under the Spacebar key and still plan your actions. This will give you time to read the messages and descriptions of activities/buildings.
  2. Carefully plan the use of your resources - at the beginning you need Spice to pay taxes and earn Solari, Plascrete to build structures, Water, and Power to claim lands. Everything you build - from buildings to units - has a maintenance cost. Check consumption on a regular basis and wisely occupy new areas and build units.
  3. Focus on defense - Rebels can attack almost any village, even in the middle of your empire, until you know their location and deal with them. The game has a fixed pace of the gameplay, so do not expect a quick and strong offensive from other factions.
  4. Benefit from trade and treaties - other factions often look favorably upon the possibility of exchanging goods and establishing treaties that benefit both sides.
  5. Keep exploring - even after you've explored the surrounding areas, keep exploring - Ornithopters are indestructible, and in addition to discovering points of interest, they will inform you about the approaching enemy troops.

You can find more tips for beginners, but also tricks for more advanced players, on the Beginner's guide page.

Dune Spice Wars: The Basics

In this section of our guide you can read more about the basics of the game: terminology, basic mechanics and functionalities. You will also learn about the gameplay features and mechanics which are unique in Dune Spice Wars.

  1. A step by step walkthrough for beginners - what steps to take right after starting the game, instructions for new players. The first minutes of the game are described here, that is, the standard procedure for starting the game.
  2. Victory Conditions - the game can be won in various means not only by combat. Check how.
  3. Trade and Treaties - basic information on the exchange of resources, materials and the establishment of treaties and contracts.
  4. Espionage and Operations - information on diversion, sabotage, counterintelligence and best ways of obtaining Intel resource.
  5. List of Missions and Operations - a complete list of missions that you can send your agents on, along with an explanation of what will happen next.
  6. Research - technology development, unlocking new buildings, units, functions. It is an essential part of every faction.
  7. Sietch - groups of rebels will cause you a lot of trouble. Check how to get along with them or get rid of them from your neighborhood.
  8. Sandworm - where it wanders, how it attacks, how to protect against it.
  9. Rebellions - where they come from, what affects them, how to deal with them or how to ignite them on the enemy territory.
  10. Special Regions - these are areas that everyone wants to control. Learn how to find them and what you can gain by controlling them.
  11. Points of Interests - the so-called PoI, that is, question marks visible on the map that you can unlock with Ornithopters. Here you will find basic information and a list of all types of PoI.
  12. Landsraad Policy - here you can read what a council is, in which each faction votes for or against specific types of resolutions.

Dune Spice Wars: FAQ

The FAQ pages provides answers to common questions and explains unusual issues related to the gameplay and mechanics.

  1. Multiplayer - is it available? - we answer the question whether there is a multiplayer mode in Dune Spice Wars .
  2. Refinery - how to build? - here you will learn how to build a Refinery and obtain Spice.
  3. Spice - how to sell? - on this page, you will learn how to convert Spice into Solari, which is a useful currency.
  4. Airfield - how to use? - learn how to move your units around the map by using landing sites (however, Fremen do not have them).
  5. Assassination - you will learn how to eliminate the leaders of the enemy factions by winning over them and excluding the factions from further play.
  6. Operation slots - read how to unlock additional slots for storing operations for later use.
  7. Investment Office - what is it? - here you can read what the Investment Center building is for, which you can build in villages.

Dune Spice Wars: All Factions

On these pages you will find detailed description of the factions, their characteristic features, strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Atreides - on this page you will learn about the House Atreides faction.
  2. Harkonnen - here you can find out what the House Harkonnen faction has to offer.
  3. Smugglers - on this page we describe the characteristics of the Smugglers faction.
  4. Fremen - This page focuses on the description of the Fremen faction.

Dune Spice Wars: Resource Management

On the following pages you will learn not only how to obtain raw materials and on what you can spend all these resources, but also how to manage them wisely: maximizing profits and minimizing expenses.

  1. Hegemony - learn how to earn Hegemony Points to unlock faction bonuses and even earn a victory.
  2. Spice - the basic resource that each player has access to. Find out how to spend it and where you can use it.
  3. Earning Solari - currency that is being used to pay for your army and maintenance costs. Read on how not to lose it too quickly and always have the right reserves.
  4. Obtaining Plascrete - Plascrete is the main construction material for buildings, but it also serves for their maintenance.
  5. Manpower - you need people to join your army and institution. Find out where to get new recruits from.
  6. Fuel Cells - are required for flying vehicles and advanced military structures.
  7. Water management - without water your villages will rise up and your armies will lose their efficiency in combat. Check how not to lose this precious resource.
  8. Power Points - you need them to take over new territories, and obtaining them is difficult.
  9. Landsraad Standing - an indicator of the political power of the faction. However, it does not have to serve as the sole determinant of political power.
  10. Votes and Influence - allow you to cast votes to support or reject a resolution.
  11. Knowledge - determines the pace of research.
  12. Intelligence - allows agents to act and perform missions.
  13. Command Points - the more you have, the stronger and more numerous your army can be.

Dune Spice Wars: PC system requirements

Below is a list of the minimum requirements your computer must meet to run the game on low settings.

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bits or 11
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHZ or AMD equivalent
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 or AMD with similar performance (e.g. RX 560)
  5. Disk space: 4 GB

More information on system requirements on the System requirements page.

About Dune Spice Wars Guide

Author : Patrick "yxu" Homa for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Dune: Spice Wars Video Game

  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Shiro Games
  • publisher: Funcom
  • platform: PC

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