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Endless Space Game Guide

Endless Space Game Guide

Conquer the galaxy! Guide to the Endless Space contains a description of all crucial elements of the game and explained in details how they work.

Last update: 11 May 2016

Guide to the Endless Space contains a description of all crucial elements of the game and explained in details how they work. In this guide you'll find:

  • Description of all races available in the game.
  • Presentation of all solar systems types, and their characteristic according to celestial bodies which they can contain.
  • Description of the solar systems managing screen with the properties of its most important part, especially social approval and income of research and money.
  • Presentation of the technology upgrades, its division on four main directions and characterization of order of their development.
  • Very detailed description of the planetary system screen and its components.
  • Explanation about crucial elements of the game: food, industry, research, money, approval and its influence on the empire.
  • Very detailed description of the planet screen, exploration options and related technologies.
  • Comparison of all heavenly objects, according to their adaptation possibility and basic statistics about food, industry, research, approval and money.
  • Comparison and detailed characteristic of technologies related with production of food, industry, research, approval points, money and increasing planets' population.
  • Description and explanation of planet's anomalies, taking the technologies preventing them into consideration.
  • Description of moons and planets exploration with possible consequences.
  • Description and explanation of planet's transforming and required technologies.
  • Detailed description of planet's colonization and every race's colonization units.
  • Description of all resources with division onto strategic and luxury and detailed description of methods of extraction.
  • Description of trade and trade routes with detailed comparison of all trade technologies.
  • Detailed description of Academy, hero recruiting, comparison of their classes, skills and influence on managing the solar systems and fleets.
  • Description of the diplomacy screen, comparison of diplomatic options, their causes and technologies allowing to use diplomatic actions.
  • Description of fleet managing screen, including creating new units, description and classification of particular types of modules.
  • Detailed description of conducting battles including proper modules' usage and action cards.
  • Description of options connected with influencing galactic with the planetary systems.
  • Comparison and description of travelling between system including proper technologies.
  • Description of fleet possible actions in the context of interaction with other planetary systems.

In this document you may also find charts with description, properties, skills, parameters, statistics and values of every race, hero, planet and technologies. Every mentioned element contains sufficient number of screenshots.

Konrad "Ferrou" Kruk

About Endless Space Game Guide

Author : Konrad "Ferrou" Kruk for

Translator : Bartlomiej Lopatka

last update :

Guide contains : 42 pages, 447 images.

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Endless Space Video Game

  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Amplitude Studios
  • publisher: Iceberg Interactive
  • platform: PC
  • rated: PEGI: Age 7+

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