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Trading basics in FUT 20, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FIFA 20 guide, tips

Last update: 25 September 2019

The FUT 20 transfer market is a very important place that has its own rules. The success of your team will depend on a good understanding of the rules of the transfer market and mastering the ways of earning money. This section contains all the information about trading and earning in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

The FUT 20 transfer market is a place where you'll spend most of your time in-game. The market is a place containing a variety of goods: players, trainers, emblems, consumables, and many more. The purpose of using the transfer market is to maximize profits gained from trading cards. However, before you start getting satisfactory results, you should first learn the basics of the transfer market. This section contains all the necessary information that will help the Player understand the rules of FIFA 20 trading market.


The goal of every Player using FUT 20 transfer market is to get as many coins as possible for the cards issued. It is worth noting the fact that with each transaction (successful sale of a card) the Player receives 95% of the price, and 5% is absorbed by tax. For this reason, every transaction must be thought through and re-evaluated. In case of a small transaction, such as buying a card for 1000 coins and selling it for 1100 coins, you will earn only 45 coins (65 will be absorbed by the tax) - a small profit, is it not? The problem can arise when buying and selling cards for much larger amounts. For example, if you buy a card for 100,000 coins and sell it for 101,000, you will lose more than 4,000 coins! Let's look at this example:

  1. You buy a card for 100 000 coins
  2. Then put it on the transfer market for 101,000
  3. Successful transaction nets you 95% of the price - 95 950 coins
  4. The tax results in 5,050 coins
  5. You lose 4,050 coins as a result.

Before engaging in any transactions at the transfer market, consider whether it will be profitable - this is especially important when handling large sums. First of all, try to learn the rules of trading in FUT 20 and remember about 5% tax for every transaction in the transfer market. It will save you bitter disappointments and loss of hard-earned coins.

Checking the prices of owned players

You should check the market prices of owned players - Trading basics in FUT 20, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team - FIFA 20 Ultimate Team - FIFA 20 Guide

You should check the market prices of owned players. To do this, just go to the player menu and select the option "compare price". If you have a valuable player that you don't want to use on your own team, you can easily auction him off and earn coins. The 5% tax does not apply when auctioning players from free packages, as you didn't spend any money on the card. When placing a player on the transfer market, review all offers, and check what is the lowest "buy out"price. If the search result shows multiple pages and searching for the lowest price is too troublesome, go back to the search, enter the name of the sought player and the maximum buy out price. Reduce the price until the results stop appearing. Thus, determine the lowest possible "buy now" price, which will allow You to quickly sell the player.

FUT 20 app

The FUT 20 Companionapp is an extremely important and useful trading tool without which it is difficult to obtain satisfactory results in the FIFA 20 transfer market. FUT 20 Companion can be opened on a standard browser as well as on a phone with Android and iOS operating systems (not available on Windows Phone). The FUT 20 Companion web and mobile app greatly facilitate gaining large profits and rapid club development. The app allows you to quickly open packs, check auctions and buy/sell cards. More information about FUT 20 app can be found in a chapter dedicated to this topic.

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