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Duke Nukem: Episode 1 - Shrapnel City (PC cover
Game Box forDuke Nukem: Episode 1 - Shrapnel City (PC)

Duke Nukem: Episode 1 - Shrapnel City PC

Arcade game in which jumping on platforms is as important as exterminating a huge number of enemies. The protagonist is the title Duke Nukem.

Arcade | science fiction | platform

Duke Nukem: Episode 1 - Shrapnel City Release Date PC


developer: Apogee Software publisher: Apogee Software

English language game language: English

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The action of Duke Nukem: Episode 1 - Shrapnel City takes us to a futuristic metropolis that has been completely captured by the mysterious doctor Proton. Using the robots he designed, a mad scientist introduced terror in the streets, subjugating the city's inhabitants. When it seemed that everything was already lost, the American organization CIA hired a man capable of coping with a daunting task....

In Duke Nukem: Episode 1 - Shrapnel City, the player takes on the role of the title character. The charismatic Prince, who is known for his great courage as well as his cut tongue, is thrown onto the roof of a huge skyscraper. Somewhere in the cellars of the attacked skyscraper is hidden the quarters of a crazy scientist. Duke's goal, and thus also the player, is to break through the strongly protected object and annihilate Dr. Proton.

Simply put, the first episode of the Duke Nukem cycle is an arcade game in which jumping on platforms is as important as the extermination of a huge number of opponents. The latter, represented by robots of various sizes, of course do not intend to remain indebted to us, so while playing you should constantly avoid the enemy's fire, while getting rid of the danger. Duke Nukem is initially equipped with one pistol, but during the wandering he can find further tools of extermination, increasing the speed of firing, and thus the power of destruction of the basic weapon.

Apart from puppets, Duke Nukem will encounter a lot of other objects in the corridors of the skyscraper. The most important are the keys that open the passage to the next parts of the complexes blocked by the doctor. Our hero also has to find food, through which he will replenish the life energy, which is often impaired by contacts with the enemy. There are a lot of other things available in the building (floppy diskettes, radio receivers, etc.), but they do not bring any benefits other than the increase in points.

Duke Nukem Action: Episode 1 - Shrapnel City is divided into several stages, between which the user can save the current state of the game (so he is not forced to start the struggle every time from the beginning). During the game we will also find a lot of secret bonuses, which we activate by performing certain tasks, e.g. destroying cameras located in the building.

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Last updated on 20 February 2024

Game mode: single player  

User score: 7 / 10 based on 145 votes.

Age restrictions Duke Nukem: Episode 1 - Shrapnel City: Good for all ages.

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