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Grandia HD Collection (XONE cover
Game Box forGrandia HD Collection (XONE)

Grandia HD Collection

A set of remastered versions of the first two installments of the Grandia series, developed by Game Arts studio. In Grandia HD Collection we play the role of heroes who experience adventures in fantastic worlds.

RPG | fantasy | reeditions/remasters/remakes | jRPG

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developer: Game Arts publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment

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Grandia HD Collection is a compilation of two remastered versions of the Grandia series of jRPGs. The set includes Grandia HD Remaster (the original of which debuted on the Sega Saturn console at the end of 1997 and then appeared on the first PlayStation) and Grandia II HD Remaster (the original appeared first on the Sega Dreamcast platform in 2000 and then on PlayStation 2 and personal computers). The compilation was developed by Game Arts studio, and its edition was published by GungHo Online Entertainment.


The Grandia HD Collection productions tell the stories of two characters set in fantastic landscapes. In the game we take control of the orphaned Justin, in whose hands a mysterious artifact created by Angelou's civilization accidentally hits. A mysterious woman contacts a teenager and encourages him to go east, where he finds answers to his questions. The protagonist decides to embark on a long and dangerous journey, during which other adventurers join him. Things get complicated when the team attracts the attention of the sinister General Baal at the head of the Garlyle Forces military group.

Grandia II HD Remaster takes us to the continent of Surisen, which centuries ago was a battlefield between the forces of goodness embodied by the god of light Granas and the forces of evil led by Valmar, the deity of darkness. The long conflict ended with the victory of the former and he became an object of worship. Eons later on, Valmar can be reborn, and the Church of Granas must do everything in its power to prevent this from happening. The main hero, a mercenary named Ryoudo, involuntarily gets involved in this fight. The protagonist is hired to protect the young priestess Elena and, during a religious ceremony, witnesses the slaughter of the participants by unknown forces. The couple manages to escape, but from now on, it is up to them to save the world and learn its secrets.


In Grandia HD Collection games, the action is shown in an isometric view. Each of them is driven by tasks pushing the plot forward, exploring the depicted world, talking to neutral characters and fighting with opponents. Fights take place in a hybrid system - while individual moves are made in rounds, we have limited time to give commands; besides that, their order is determined by, among others, the statistics of participants and previous actions. Attacks can be combined into powerful combos, and during battles you can move around the battlefield, for example to avoid enemy blows or attacking your opponent from behind.

An important role is also played by the development of characters who, as they progress, acquire new combat skills and improve their existing ones, which over time allows them to face ever-increasing challenges.

Technical aspects

In developing the Grandia HD Collection, authors focused on graphics, increasing the resolution and detail of textures, improving the user interface, and ideo interludes. In addition, it has been adapted to work on panoramic screens. It is worth mentioning that while playing we can choose whether we want to listen to Japanese or English dubbing.

Last updated on 13 March 2024

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Grandia HD Collection: 12+

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