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Game Box for Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed (PC)

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

Another installment in the Need for Speed franchise. As the title suggests, the game focuses around Porsche, offering eighty licensed car models belonging to the German brand. The game includes such classics as the first 356 from 1950 or 911 Turbo from 2000.

Racing | vehicles | multiplayer

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed cover

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Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: local network / Internet, players: 1 - 8

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Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed for PC and GBA is another installment in the Need for Speed racing series. This time, the player is taken to the world of Porsche, for the game offers eighty car models belonging to this brand, including such as the first 356 (1950) or 911 Turbo (2000). The fifty years of Porsche's history presented in the game is additionally accompanied by a narrative, and illustrated with statistics and slides. Put the pedal to the metal and you will see how strong your stomach is and how quick your reflexes are. Your driving skills will be put to a test, in order to find out if you can drive at all.


In Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed for PC and GBA, the player can drive on crowded roads and highways being fully aware of the consequences making most of such supercars can bring. The player is constantly tempted to go faster and faster. The game offers more than racing as such - the player chooses from two unique driving modes available.

In the Porsche evolution mode, the player goes through an incredible racing carrier beginning in 1950 and the 356 model. From then onwards, the player observes this great car evolving and participates in the entire process. Optionally, the player can choose the testing driver mode, which casts the player in the role of a member of a group of drivers, in order for the player to learn about the most exciting profession in the world. This mode consists of missions which require the player to put more and more effort in driving and improve their skills constantly.

  • A new, advanced engine utilized by the game.
  • Real-life road dangers implemented in the game, such as bloodcurdling collisions, heavy traffic or cop cars.
  • 2000 polygon-based cars; detailed 3D dashboards, and even more cars downloadable from the official Need for Speed site (free of additional charge).
  • Multiplayer racing via modem or local area network.
  • In total, the game offers nine open European routes and five racing tracks - these include alternative routes, middle sections and shortcuts.

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Recommended: Pentium II 300MHz, 64MB RAM, graphic card + wykorzystuje joystick

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance

Uses: link-cable + additionally (GBA): link-cable

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