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Super Mighty Power Man (PS4 cover
Game Box forSuper Mighty Power Man (PS4)

Super Mighty Power Man

Super Mighty Power Man is a platform arcade game inspired by the classic Mega Man series. Maintained in an old-school atmosphere and equipped with a chiptune soundtrack, the production tells the story of a boy capable of transforming himself into a heroic Super Mighty Power Man.

Arcade | science fiction | platform | 2D | indie games

Super Mighty Power Man Release Date

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Super Mighty Power Man is an arcade 2D platform game in retro style, developed by a small indie studio called Box Hedge Games. The game is the first project of the devteam established in 2016.


During the game we play the role of an inconspicuous boy named Corey. Pulled out of his mundane, the hero meets a bizarre cosmic robot Robby and becomes the owner of a powerful device - The Power Grasp. The technology enables him to combine with other forms of life and change into the title Super Mighty Power Man, a hero with many supernormal abilities. Only he is able to foil the plans of the ominous General Mok, who will not rest until he has conquered the Earth and the surrounding planets. But before Corey can face the villain, he has to defeat all of his lieutenants, who are an eccentric group of extremely powerful aliens.


The gameplay formula does not differ too much from the two-dimensional platform classics of the 80s and 90s. Although the devs drew inspiration from various game series, such as Castlevania, Contra, Duck Tales or Kirby, the most clear are the solutions known from the Mega Men series. The central mechanic of the game is the development and skillful use of the Power Grasp. Thanks to it, the hero can take many forms of Super Mighty Power Man, differing in the type of weaponry, strengths and weaknesses or special abilities. As more and more enemies are defeated, the Power Grasp becomes more powerful and offers more tactical options for the player.

The whole game is divided into various thematic worlds, filled with characteristic opponents. There are many ways to complete the maps, although less frequented paths are sometimes filled with treacherous traps. In some nooks and crannies, you can also find unique secrets. A stay on a given planet always ends with the duel with a boss - one of the commanders of General Mok.

Technical aspects

At first sight, the visuals reveala an inspiration drawny by the devs from 8-bit games from the Nintendo Entertainment System console. The game is dominated by bright colors in a limited palette and sharp edges of individual objects. The music is not far behind and presents arrangements that can even be confused with works from the Mega Man series. What's interesting, the devs also made the soundtrack available on

Other information

The game was financed through a campain on Kickstarter.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Super Mighty Power Man: Good for all ages.

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