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Syphon Filter 3 (PS1 cover
Game Box forSyphon Filter 3 (PS1)

Syphon Filter 3

Reedition of the third installment of a series of spy action games from PlayStation. In the game we play three playable characters, because a certain Dr. Mujari joins the heroes of the previous parts.

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Originally released in 2001 on the PlayStation, the game is only available in digital form as part of PSOne Classics.

Syphon Filter 3 is the third installment of the best-selling series of stealth action games, launched in 1999 on PlayStation. Eidetic studio, the creators of the original, are again responsible for the creation of the game. Since 2000, the studio is known under a new name - Sony Bend.


Syphon Filter 3 features the pair of agents known from the previous parts of the series - Gabe Logan and Lian Xing. However, there is also a new character - Dr. Lawrence Mujari. Unlike the earlier entries, we can play as three characters, although the gameplay doesn't differ between the characters. In the third part of Syphon Filter, our heroes are accused of spreading a deadly virus, which they tried to destroy. The goal of the game is to expose the conspiracy.


Syphon Filter 3 differs from its predecessors mainly in terms of narration. The game is no longer a series of missions telling a single coherent story. The plot also includes a number of flashbacks of the main characters, in which we get to know, among other things, the circumstances of Logan's meeting with Lian Xing. As for the mechanics, the creators didn't introduce major changes - the game is still shown from the third-person perspective. However, there are moments where we can switch the camera, for example, while aiming, we can also switch to the FPP view. The set of available weapons includes both gadgets known from the previous parts of the series, as well as brand new, useful toys.

Game modes

The multiplayer mode introduced in the second game is available in the third part. What is new, however, are additional mini-games: Assassinate, Eliminate, Demolition, Thief and Biathlon. They can be used, for example, to improve a player's skills, although they must be unlocked in the course of the actual game.

Technical aspects

In terms of graphics, Syphon Filter doesn't differ significantly from the first installments of the series. As a curiosity, it is worth noting the fact that the release of the game was originally planned for the end of September 2001. However, the terrorist attacks on September 11th forced publishers to postpone the release date and make significant changes to the marketing campaign of the title.

Last updated on 18 December 2019

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode:   Player counter: 1-2  

User score: 7,8 / 10 based on 24 votes.

PEGI rating Syphon Filter 3

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains depictions of violence.

Syphon Filter 3 System requirements

Sony PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

  • Uses:
  • PlayStation Network
PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita

  • Uses:
  • PlayStation Network
Android OS

Android OS

  • Requirements:
  • Xperia Play
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