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Just Cause Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Just Cause Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Guerrillas | Game world Just Cause Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

Here's a complete list of all unlockable ranks in this organization. Make sure that you advance to the highest level before you decide to proceed with the final missions of the game!

LEVEL 1 - Soldado

Required number of points: 100

Unlocks: Car: Baxter Petit (This is a very small car. It' s also quite slow. I don't think you'll find it to be very useful, especially since you can steal better cars without any problems); Weapons: Harker 357 Sawback Revolver (A typical revolver. You might consider using it to take out single opponents).

LEVEL 2 - Cabo

Required number of points: 200

Unlocks: Car: Scando 700 Sedan (One of the more interesting vehicles, especially in the early part of the game. Scando Sedan is quite fast, so it might come in handy during most of the chase missions. You will have to be careful, though. This car may very easily be destroyed).

LEVEL 3 - Sargento

Required number of points: 300

Unlocks: Car: Shimizu Tumbleweed (This is a very useful pick-up truck. Having it will allow you to move safely around the entire map); Gun: Aviv Panthera (One of the most powerful machine guns. Make sure that you start using it right away).

LEVEL 4 - Brigada

Required number of points: 500

Unlocks: Boat: Jaeger SFJ 7 (This a pontoon rather than a normal boat. You've probably been using it before, so you should know it quite well. Jaeger SFJ 7 is fast and it handles very nice. Sadly, you will have to avoid all enemy units, because it's very easy to destroy this boat).

LEVEL 5 - Subteniente

Required number of points: 700

Unlocks: Motorcycle: Apache Army Model 842 (This is a standard chopper. As you've probably noticed, some of the military units are using these motorcycles, so you don't have to get to excited about this reward. You might as well steal it from one of the police officers); Gun: Adler FF M-72 (A very decent machine gun. Make sure that you use it as your standard weapon. Thankfully, you'll unlock even more powerful guns in the near future).

LEVEL 6 - Alferez

Required number of points: 1100

Unlocks: Gunship: Jackson Z-19 Skreemer (You've probably been using this helicopter in the past. One of these machines can be found by the Rioja 04 hideout).

LEVEL 7 - Teniente

Required number of points: 1500

Unlocks: Car: Wallys GP (This is a standard military jeep. Enemy soldiers will be using these vehicles, so you could also steal it from them. Wallys has a very decent armor, however you will have to avoid larger groups of enemy soldiers); Gun: Mako Ocra (If you haven't acquired this weapon earlier in the game, now's your chance. This is a VERY useful rocket launcher. You should DEFINITELY take it with you. Thanks to that, you won't have any problems with most of the available missions).

LEVEL 8 - Capitan

Required number of points: 2100

Unlocks: Car: Stinger Buggy (This is one of the worst vehicles of the game. First of all, it's very hard to drive. You will have to be gentle with the steering wheel, even if you're using standard roads. Stinger also has a weak armor, so you couldn't use it during most of the fights).

LEVEL 9 - Comandante

Required number of points: 2700

Unlocks: Car: Emvee Armadillo (Once again, you shouldn't be surprised with this reward. This a standard humvee vehicle. You've probably seen a lot of these during some of the liberation missions. I'd recommend that you start using it. Emvee is stable and quite fast, especially if you consider how big it is).

LEVEL 10 - Coronel

Required number of points: 3700

Unlocks: Car: Harlan OTWV-2 (One of the best armored vehicles in the entire game. You've probably stole a few of these while exploring some of the army bases); Helicopter: Delta MAH-15 Chimaera (This gunship appears later during the game. You will also find a similar machine by the fifth Agency hideout. Nonetheless, you should be very excited with this reward); Boat: Pequod Harpoon PC 350 (One of the most useful patrol boats. The only bad thing about it is that in order to use the heavy machine gun post you would have to stop the boat and move to a new position); Gun: Mako Hammerhead (This is the best machine gun you could ever get, however you shouldn't get too excited about it. Mako Hammerhead would probably replace your rocket launcher, so you would have to find some other RPG weapons. As a result, stick close to the rocket launcher, as you're going to need it during most main missions of the game).

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