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MediEvil Guide

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Pumpkin Gorge | MediEvil Walkthrough MediEvil guide, walkthrough

Last update: 30 October 2019

The following page of our guide to Medievil features a walkthrough for the level Pumpking Gorge. Sir Fortesque is entering the pumpking fields that are guarded by the Pumpkin King and his minions. Watch out for their sharp tongues!

Things to find

  1. Club
  2. Silver Shield
  3. Chalice (you will get two gold chests in the Hall of Heroes)
  4. 1 book


Go across the gorge until you reach the first crossroad. Defeat the jumping pumpking and the agressive roots. Enter the cave. Here, you will find a Moon Rune, a club, a Merchant Gargoyle, and a brick wall you can destroy. Break the wall and jump into the hole. You will return here later for the chalice - for now, you can enjoy a gold chest. Leave the cave while collecting the health Vial. Go a bit backwards. Collect the bag with gold, break the rocks and kill the pumpkin plants. Move forward until you reach a spot with two buildings. Kill the pumpkinheads, use the blue rune, and enter the building. Now, you must run clockwise in order to raise the platform and reach the Chaos Rune. Once you collect it, leave the building and enter the second one by using the platform (the one with the small jumping pumpkin). Take care of the pumpkins and collect the treasures. Now, use the rune to open the gate and enter the new area.

Destroy the pumpkins - Pumpkin Gorge | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Destroy the pumpkins. On the left you will find a health fountain. Stick to the right side and you should reach the only book in this level. Now, carefully jump between the mushrooms. Watch out so that you don't fall into the mud - this will cause you to die. Jump into the passage with two gold bags. Collect the Earth Rune and walk towards the wooden door. Two halloween guys will attack you. The door will open. Now, you have returned to the previous location. Use the obtained rune and go up. Clear the path of enemies (throwing knives are effective). Collect the Star Rune and the Silver Shield. Go back to the place where you found the green Earth Rune. From there, jump on the mushroom and go deeper into the passage. Use the newly found rune.

Now, you must defeat the root monster - Pumpkin Gorge | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Now, you must defeat the root monster. To do it, attack the roots (preferably with the Broad Sword) until the head of the monster falls down and breaks. Pick up the Time Rune and use it immediately. Two gates will open. First, go to the left and use the club to break the rocks. Collect all the treasures and go back. Now, go to the right. Kill all enemies. After this, you should be able to collect the Chalice. To get the item, you must go back almost to the beginning of the level. The chalice is in the the spot where you collected the first rune - the blue Moon Rune. It's the spot where you used the club to break the wall. Once you collect the Chalice, go back to the previous area and use the mushroom to reach the end of the level. Before you leave the location, talk to the Gargoyle on the right.

1 - Pumpkin Gorge | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide
2 - Pumpkin Gorge | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide
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