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Mordhau Guide and Tips

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Combat in Mordhau Mordhau guide, tips

Last update: 21 May 2019

Fighting is a major part of the gameplay in Mordhau. In every match you will participate in battles - team death matches, one-on-one duels or against a horde of bots. Therefore, it is necessary to learn as much information about the fight as possible. On this page you will learn how stamina works and how to perform basic strikes. Also, you will also learn more complex methods, such as chambering or morphing. We did not forget about blocking and dodging enemy attacks, as well as the mounted combat and clashes with several enemies at the same time. In short - this is the combat guide and a detailed description about fighting in Mordhau.

How stamina works

Stamina points are as important as health points. - Combat in Mordhau - Starting Tips - Mordhau Guide and Tips
Stamina points are as important as health points.

Stamina is the value used for any action - attack, block or jump. Therefore it is necessary to know the principles and mechanics of stamina:

  1. Each character has 100 stamina points, regardless of weapons or used perks. There is no way to increase the maximum stamina value. Stamina regenerates when you don't fight, and its regeneration rate can be increased by using Second Wind or Rage perks.
  2. The main rule - main attacks don't take stamina points if they hit the target. Only strikes that end up in a miss may reduce your stamina.
  3. Each block of the enemy attack reduces stamina - the number depends on the weapon used by the enemy. If you block a hit with 0 stamina points, your weapon will fall to the ground.
  4. All special actions, such as chambering, kicks or morphs (you will find their description below), take stamina points. This also applies to jumping.

Attack Types

You can attack in different ways. - Combat in Mordhau - Starting Tips - Mordhau Guide and Tips
You can attack in different ways.

In Mordhau you can use various attack types. Starting with simple cuts and kicks and ending with the most advanced methods like chambering. Below you will find a description of all attack types.

Basic Attack

The main attacks are cuts (default: left mouse button + mouse movement in the direction you want to hit) and strikes (default: mouse wheel). Cutting is best suited for weapons with a blade (swords, axes), and the strikes work best with a longer melee weapons (spears, halberds). Attacks can be combined by pressing the attack button immediately after the previous attack - thus accelerating the output of subsequent attacks. Cuts and strikes are the primary way to deal damage, but they are also used to perform more advanced attack techniques (described below).


Kicking enemy's "butt" stuns him and can't perform any actions for a short amount of time. It's perfect when fighting enemies equipped with shields. The disadvantage of kick is the need for very close proximity to the enemy. This is dangerous too, cause you may get vulnerable to any attack. Remember that kicks can only be blocked by... a kick! - if the opponent wants to kick you, you can also kick him back, rather than using the standard block. It is also worth knowing that the kicks take a lot of stamina - do not use them too often, because this way you will become more vulnerable to enemy attacks.


Counter attack is being performed immediately after the successful blocking of enemy's strike. To use counter, you need to press the attack button while the block animation launches. Try to use counter attacks as often as possible - if the enemy won't use the block after performing an attack, you have a great opportunity of hitting him with counter attack.


Feint does not serve to deal damage, but to deceive an opponent and force him to block a strike too early. To use feint you must press the feint button (default: Q) during the strike. Then your character cancels the attack and you can attack from the other side. If the opponent makes the block for the feint, then he probably will not have time to block the blow from the other side.


Morphing is a different, slightly improved version of feint. To use morphing you have to quickly use an attack on the other side while performing a strike (strike animation) from another side. For example, first perform an attack on the left (a wave of the mouse - in the left), but immediately after that go to the attack on the right (hold the mouse to the right). Thus, you have the chance confusing the enemy who expected that the attack will happen faster. This way enemy will lose his chance to block.


Chambering is the most advanced method of fighting, but also the most difficult to master. How to use chambering? If the enemy attacks you, you need to attack him very quickly so that your weapons collide. This way you will block the attack and cause the enemy some damage. The main thing is response time - to make chambering successful, you need to carefully observe the movements of the enemy and act as soon as possible.

Blocking and dodging

Blocking and preventing strikes is extremely important. - Combat in Mordhau - Starting Tips - Mordhau Guide and Tips
Blocking and preventing strikes is extremely important.

Blocking and dodging attacks are just as important as attacking - without it, you'll be killed very quickly. Below you will find useful information on how to protect yourself from injury:

  1. You can block attacks with any melee weapon. Just use the block button (default: right mouse button). Block animation takes a short time to launch, so do not panic. If it is too early to use a block, this block animation will be completed before the enemy strike. Block only when the enemy's strike is approaching your character.
  2. Blocking with a shield is much easier because you can hold block for an unlimited amount of time. The downside is that you can only use one-handed weapons, which do less damage and are shorter than two-handed weapons.
  3. Remember that performing a block when having 0 stamina points will make your weapon (and shield if you have one) fall to the ground. You can take these back, but for a while you'll be defenseless.
  4. To unlock dodge ability, you need to purchase a perk called Dodge. Then the combination of the jump button with the movement key may be used to perform the evasive action. For example - jump + movement in left side = Dodge to the left. Of course, without the mentioned perks you can also do some kind of dodging. It is enough to constantly move around the battlefield and try to avoid all blows.

Combat with multiple opponents

Fighting multiple opponents at the same time is a big challenge. - Combat in Mordhau - Starting Tips - Mordhau Guide and Tips
Fighting multiple opponents at the same time is a big challenge.

Fighting several opponents at the same time is very difficult and often ends in death. It is better to avoid a situation where you are fighting more than two enemies at a time, but despite the efforts, you still have to face such a problem. Then it is good to use the following tips:

  1. Constantly move - this is the basic principle in the fight against multiple enemies. Standing in one place, you will quickly be surrounded and covered with blows. You have to constantly move and keep all opponents in sight.
  2. Block and counter attack - this rule also applies to one-on-one fights, but in the fight against several enemies it is very important. Remember that you can block the attack of one enemy, and counter attack the second one - so you may surprise him.
  3. First, get rid of weak opponents - after the start of the battle, check if there are any weaker opponents due to poor health condition or weaker equipment). Kill them quickly if you can. At first, engage unarmored or poorly armored opponents, and only then start dueling the powerful knights in full plate armors.

Mounted Combat

By using horses and mounts, you get an advantage over opponents. - Combat in Mordhau - Starting Tips - Mordhau Guide and Tips
By using horses and mounts, you get an advantage over opponents.

A great way to get an advantage over competitors is to use mounts. On the back of the horse you cause a lot more damage and quickly move around the battlefield. Below you will find the most important information about mounts in Mordhau:

  1. Usually horses are in the open parts of the map - just go to one and sit on it (by default, use the E button).
  2. Horses have a three-stage armor. The more armor class a horse has, the slower it is, but more resistant to injuries. Remember about the speed of the horse - constantly move around the map, bypass enemies and for time to time flank them.
  3. Use a lance or a spear while riding a horse. The force of horse rush will probably kill the enemy with a single hit, and the length of the weapon makes it easier to target the enemy. Slightly worse, are long, two-handed swords and axes, but they can also knock down the enemy with one blow. In addition to the weapon strikes, simply drive into the enemy, it deals damage to him. This also applies to your allies, so if you often use the mounts, you can buy a Friendly perk to cause less damage.
  4. It is also useful to know how to fight an opponent on a horse or what to watch out for if we use the horse ourselves. The player on the horse can be easily defeated with a long weapon - spear or halberd are the best options here. These will allow to strike before the horse gets close to you. Wooden Spikes and objects from Toolbox are useful too, which can stop the horse charge. In addition, a safe way to defeat a mounted player is to use a bow and ranged attack. Although, it is very hard to hit such fast moving target with arrows.
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