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Mortal Shell Guide, Walkthrough by

Mortal Shell Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mortal Shell: Items Mortal Shell guide, walkthrough

Last update: 08 September 2020

In this section of the guide to Mortal Shells, you will learn detailed info about items, what they do, and what profits they provide once you learn them all the way through.

You can collect items in the game and keep them in the inventory - Mortal Shell: Items - Basics - Mortal Shell Guide, Walkthrough

You can collect items in the game and keep them in the inventory. Until you use it, you won't know what it really does. It's therefore worth knowing what the given item does, in order not to accidentally kill yourself with it. The particularly interesting and/or deadly items are shown in bold.

  1. Simple Lute - taunts opponents from close range; complete familiarity with it increases the range.
  2. Roasted Rat - regenerates 35 HP in 10 seconds, empties the Resolve bar; cures 10 HP more at max familiarity.
  3. Boiled Frog - increases stamina recovery rate for 3 minutes; increases speed for 5 minutes at maximum familiarity.
  4. Ethereal Diapason - you're able to return to your Shell after death; it also regenerates the Resolve bar at maximum familiarity.
  5. Effigy of Harros/Tiel/Solomon/Eredrim - using an object, you change your Shell to another, depending on the Effigy. When you switch to another Shell, you will receive a lot of damage, while at maximum familiarity the damage will be considerably reduced.
  6. Weltcap - regenerates 40 HP in 60 seconds; at maximum it does not consume any stamina points when performing another dodge.
  7. Tarspore - inflict 40 damage from poison for 16 seconds; at maximum familiarity they give immunity to poison for 120 seconds.
  8. Spectral Token - when receiving a blow during Harden, your next attack will inflict more damage, while at maximum familiarity your attack will inflict even more damage.
  9. Mortal Token - when you use Harden and receive damage, they will be converted into HP, while at maximum familiarity you will get even more health points.
  10. Tainted Nectar - kicks you out of your Shell, while providing 1 Tar if at maximum familiarity.
  11. Baguette - increases your health by a small amount; maximum familiarity further increases the amount.
  12. Inferior Moonshine - you get a small amount of Resolve at the expense of Health; at the maximum familiarity, the loss of health is reduced.
  13. Superior Moonshine - you get a large amount of Resolve, while at maximum familiarity you get 4 Resolve bars.
  14. Script of Euphoria - the next successful parry will you get some HP, while on maximum familiarity you get more HP.
  15. Script of Repent - upon the next successful parry, the opponent will start to burn and receive damage per second, while at maximum familiarity the time will lengthen and the fire will inflict more damage.
  16. Untarnished Mask - allows you to return to your last visited Sester Genessa, while at maximum familiarity you get one Resolve bar.
  17. Tarnished Mask - you return to the last visited Sester Genessa at the cost of all your Glimpses, while at maximum familiarity you will only lose half of the Glimpse.
  18. Ornate Mask - allows you to teleport to any Sester Genessa you have activated, while at maximum familiarity you gain extra Tar for a minute.
  19. Script of Defiance - the next successful parry will give you 1 Resolve bar, while at maximum familiarity, you will get 2 Resolve bars.
  20. Script of Ardor - the next successful parry will poison the opponent, while at maximum familiarity both duration and damage are increased.
  21. Script of Despair - the next successful parry strengthens your next attack with additional damage, while at maximum familiarity the buff is much stronger.
  22. Golden Bell - by ringing the bell, you will be able to score Resolve more quickly for 3 minutes; duration extended at max familiarity.
  23. Bronze Bell - by ringing the bell, you will score 10% more Tar for 6 minutes, while with maximum familiarity you will have a 10% chance of gaining a Glimpse for 6 minutes after killing an opponent.
  24. Rotten Food - restores a small amount of Health at the expense of a large amount of Resolve, while at maximum familiarity takes away a smaller amount of Resolve.
  25. Ornate Token - when an opponent hits you during Harden, you will receive a buff that'll reduce damage from the next attack, while at maximum familiarity the next attack that hits you will be completely inhibited.
  26. ... of Tar - objects that have the word Tar at the end will give you a given amount of Tar; more at max familiarity, of course.
  27. Glimpse of ... - objects called Glympses of... yield a given amount of Glimpse; more at max familiarity.
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