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News hardware & software 09 January 2019, 22:52

author: Lazlo

AMD Ryzen 3000 has the same performance as Core i9 9900K

At CES 2019, AMD unveiled a new processor model called Ryzen 3000. The chip has a new architecture similar to last year's Zen 2, and its computing cores will be produced using a 7-nanometer process.

AMD Ryzen 3000 has the same performance as Core i9 9900K - picture #1
Lisa Su presents the new processor designed by AMD.

Today at CES 2019, AMD decided to showcase not only a new generation of graphics cards, but also found a moment to show off the performance of a new processor – Ryzen 3000. The third generation chip is to be produced in a 7nm process.

The presentation compared Intel's strongest consumer processor – Core i9 9900K, with Ryzen 3000 processor which has 8 cores and 16 threads (frequency is still unknown). Presented by AMD President Lisa Su, the processor features a redesigned architecture similar to last year's Zen 2 architecture for Rome 64-core server-generation processors. Ryzen 3000 will therefore have a modular structure, in which computational core made in the 7-nanometer process are separated from the central I/O cores produced in the 12 or 14nm process.

The demonstration used the Cinebench CB15 benchmark, which showed that Core i9 9900K and Ryzen 3000 achieve similar results at about 2000 points (with a slight indication in favour of Ryzen). However, AMD does not reveal much yet - nothing is known about the CPU designations and the exact date of their launch, but the good news is that they are to be compatible with motherboards equipped with AM4 sockets.

It can be expected that we will learn more about the new chipsets at the Comuptex trade fair at the turn of May and June. So we look forward seeing that AMD is really close to catching up (or even overtaking) with Intel.

AMD Ryzen 3000 has the same performance as Core i9 9900K - picture #2
Ryzen 3000 – this is how it looks.
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