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News guides 13 May 2024, 04:50

author: Olga Fiszer

Animal Well - How to Get the Wheel by Helping Cats

Looking for flute songs to rescue five cats trapped in cages? Read our Animal Well guide to learn how to free feline friends and obtain the Wheel.

Source: Animal Well; developer: Billy Basso

There are five cats trapped in cages in Animal Well. As you explore, you’ll hear their meowing, so they should be easy to find. To save them you’ll need to progress through the game, collect key items, and learn the correct flute songs. These musical notes will be scribbled on walls. Here’s how to find flute songs and rescue every cat in Animal Well.

Animal Well – 3 Cats in Cages

In the southeast corner of the map, you’ll access a secret area with moving platforms and mouse symbols. By lowering these platforms, you can reach new section. After freeing a fish trapped in a pipe you will find a hidden room with 3 imprisoned cats. Here are the flute notes to free them:

  1. To get the notes required for rescuing the cat in the cage on the left, you need to go to the room with the mouse trapped in the wheel. Head eastward and use the upgraded B. wand to access the ledge on the right corner. Move forward to locate the notes.
  1. To find the flute notes for the cat in the middle cage, head to the room with multiple platforms ascending vertically. Smash a group of spikes in the bottom left corner to uncover a passage leading to the melody written on the wall.
  1. For the notes to rescue the cat on right you’ll need to have the spinning Top, which you can acquire by collecting 32 eggs. Head to the room with vertical platforms and make your way to the western fish pipe. Use the spinning Top tool in the top right corner to reveal a secret location.

Animal Well – 2 Cats in Cages

In a room with the ostrich trapped in the wheel, you’ll find 2 cats trapped in cages. Here are the notes for the songs that will free them:

  1. To find the flute notes for the cat in the cage on the left you need to go back to the location where the ostrich got caught in the wheel. Notes are scribbled on the wall on the left side of the room.
  1. Flute song for the cat on the right is written on a wall in a small space accessible only with upgraded B.wand. Go to the area where you got the flame after luring the ostrich. Blow bubbles between the vines and leap upward to get to the secret area.

Animal Well - Wheel in the Cat Room

After you rescue all 5 cats, you can visit the secret Cat Room. There are 2 ways to enter it:

  1. From the snowy area with a huge cat statue climb to the upper right corner and move forward.

  1. In the area with a rat-wheel elevator stand by the cat statue and use spinning Top tool to dig the secret passage.

Listen to the whole song to obtain a new item, Wheel.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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