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News other 11 July 2019, 13:14

author: Julia Dragovic

Anti-5G Radiation Underwear is Here

Wavesafe underwear will protect your gonads from 5G radiation. And the whole civilization while it's at it. You can start dismantling your Faraday cages now.

The most common cause of headache is dehydration. Remember, stay hydrated.

Vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, sencient AI, lizardmen... all this is nothing compared to 5G technology. Luckily, there's a way to deal with it now. The Swiss store Wavesafe entered the market with an offer of original underwear protecting against "deadly radiation". Not just underwear in fact. You would have to spend 5 thousand dollars on the whole assortment, but is there a price to your health...?

The owners of this innovative project are Ronald and Ruth Widmore, a 60-year-old couple from Baden, Switzerland. Mrs. Widmer, who diagnosed herself with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, points to the negative effects of radiation: fatigue, headaches, general physical discomfort. And in men, there is also a problem of fertility... And as shenotes:

“When I started to wear protective clothing, I started to lead a life without any symptoms.”

In the shop you will find underwear, clothing and headgear for women, men and children, anti-radiation "mosquito nets" for beds and dining rooms and curtains for baby carriages and pregnant women. The smallest details are taken care of - jeans are equipped with special protective pockets. Because who of us has never kept a phone in our pants? Unfortunately, the shop owners did not provide clothing for animals, birds, plants and insects. So much wasted potential there...

The design quite controversial aesthetically, but it's not about appearance. Price: from CHF 34. # Source: wavesafe #
A child's nightdress like a royal baptismal robe. Price: 195 CHF.
Interestingly, the stroller cap exposes the baby's head. 5G will irradiate the brain, but at least our kid won't suffocate. Price: 390 CHF.
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