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author: Olga Fiszer

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) - At the Mounds of Madness Guide

Check our Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) guide if you want to complete At the Mounds of Madness task. We marked all the murals and the statue on a map to help you complete this mission.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare; developer: Madfinger Games

Gray Zone Warfare is an immersive and strategic game set in a world where traditional warfare has evolved into a complex web of operations and political manipulation. In this dynamic world, choices matter, and alliances can shift in an instant, offering a deeply narrative experience. Lamang Island is packed with danger, from AI enemies and soldiers to native warriors and cultists. One of the tasks is related to investigating a presence of a cult in Ban Pa. Read on if you want to find all the murals and a statue in At the Mounds of Madness quest.

How to Complete At the Mounds of Madness – Gray Zone Warfare (GZW)

To finish the At the Mounds of Madness quest in Gray Zone Warfare (GZW), you’ll need to act as an investigator and uncover evidence of a mysterious group. Head to the LZ India1 near the Ban Pa located in the eastern part of the map. There, you’ll need to complete 4 objectives:

  1. (1) Find an ominous mural: Head to co-ords 205, 137, south-west from the Warehouse in Ban Pa. Look for a mural on a wooden wall with a woman with wide mouth open.
  2. (2) Find an eerie mural: Go to co-ords 205, 135. Find a mural with a spider-fish on a wooden shack.
  3. (3) Find a chilling mural: Co-ords are 206, 138. Find a mural with a Monkey Man on a wooden wall.
  4. (4) Find a disturbing statue: Go to coordinates 207, 137. This one is in the woods on the east from Ban Pa village. Search for a weird statue of two fish on a bamboo legs (looks like a spider) under a wooden gazebo.

Mind that you need to walk up really close to the murals and the statue to get the objectives completed. There are a lot of AI enemies in the village, so try to stay cover if you don’t want to engage in combat.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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Gray Zone Warfare

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