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News Cooldown 02 April 2024, 03:38

author: Alexandra Sokol

Big, Unknown Ships Hide in Skies in Helldivers 2. Fans Begin to Worry About What This Might Mean

This isn't necessarily an April Fool's joke. Anything can be expected from the Arrowhead devs.

Source: Arrowhead Game Studios

The most challenging day for the gaming world is now behind us, as the date of April second has passed on the calendar. We no longer have to look at the news with a grain of salt... or endure disappointment when it reaches us that we have fallen victim to a joke. In the case of Arrowhead Game Studios, it's hard to determine what exactly is a joke and what is real content.

The developers have frequently demonstrated how much they can tease their fans. Even on April Fool's Day.

In the spirit of the latest orders

At the end of March, the players of Helldivers 2 received a new story order from the devs, sending soldiers to fight against the Automatons. A few hours ago, a player spotted massive spaceships in the robot-owned sky.

Mysterious ships visible among the stars are by no means an April Fool's joke. Commentators were eager to share their evidence, pointing out that enormous distant ships can be observed on the planet Maia. Some were initially confused them with bugged Super Destroyers, but that turned out to be a false trail.

"I see nothing until I receive an order"

The potential new content is an excellent subject for social discussions, even if some have noticed the behavior of developers who are turning a blind eye. It's challenging to estimate the immense force we will have to deal with because alien ships are visible from a really long distance.

Imagine if they add an event where we have to invade and fight inside of these (possibly?) Automaton ships.

-- Zackyboi1231

Big, Unknown Ships Hide in Skies in Helldivers 2. Fans Begin to Worry About What This Might Mean - picture #1
Source: Firestorm_361 / Arrowhead Game Studios

The ships also likely use cloaking mechanics, making them difficult to capture in a photo. Some commenters, half in jest and half seriously, predict the entry of the Illuminati or a robotic counterpart of the available player maneuvers in Helldivers 2. This might be a good time to beg Joel for mercy.

Oh please, for the love of democracy Joel, don't give the automatons stratagems.

-- Taranto-

Alexandra Sokol

Alexandra Sokol

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