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News special offers 26 November 2019, 22:47

Black Friday Sale on Amazon US

Holidays are right behind the corner, which means Black Friday is already here (well, almost). We've taken a look on the most intresting offers available on Amazon and we present our findings to you.

Preparations for Black Friday have given us a plenty of promotions and special offers on Amazon. Although there's still some time before the shopping holiday, we can already buy Xbox One consoles, games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One or Kindle ebook readers at reduced proces. We have selected the most interesting offers and we present them below.

The Xbox is also included in Amazon's promotions.

For goods costing more than $25 and for Prime subscribers, shipping within the United States is free. The number of pieces in the promotion is limited.

Selected promotions are presented below:


  1. PlayStation Hits on PS4 (including God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Gran Turismo Sport) - $9.99 each
  2. Days Gone (PS4) - $19.99
  3. Judgment (PS4) - $24.99
  4. MediaEvil (PS4) - $19.99
  5. SEGA Genesis Classics (PS4) - $14.99
  6. SEGA Genesis Classics (Xbox One) - $14.99
  7. Shenmue I & II (PS4) - $14.99
  8. Shenmue I & II (Xbox One) - $14.99


  1. Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition - $149
  2. Xbox One S 1TB + game (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Gears 5, among others) - $199
  3. Xbox One X 1TB + game (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Gears 5, among others) - $349
  4. Sega Genesis Mini Console - $49.99


  1. Gamepad DualShock 4 - $38.99


  1. Headphones Philips X2HR - $119.90

Storage Devices

  1. 500GB SSD Samsung 860 EVO - $57.99$

Ebook Readers

  1. Kindle e-book reader (with ads) - $59.99
  2. Kindle e-book reader (without ads) - $79.99
  3. Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader 8GB (with ads) - $84.99
  4. Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader 8GB (without ads) - $104.99
  5. Kindle Paperwhite 32GB e-book reader (with ads) - $109.99
  6. Kindle Paperwhite 32GB e-book reader (without ads) - $129.99


Gamepressure receives commission from stores whose offers are presented above. However, we have made every effort to choose only the most interesting promotions - above all, we want to publish the best offers for hardware, gadgets and games.

Michael Grygorcewicz

Michael Grygorcewicz

Intemperately devours games, movies, comics, books, TV series – everything that has a good story and doesn't run away. Also a fan of wolves, Metal Gears, brawlers, and buying old games he will never have time to play.


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