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News hardware & software 15 November 2019, 21:12

author: Bebop

Brave - New Browser For Those Who Value Privacy

Brave 1.0 Browser is a proposal for people who want to protect their privacy. According to its creators, it works faster and offers more security than some of its competitors. It can be downloaded for free on PC and mobile devices.

Brave browser logo.

Since yesterday you can download a new free browser Brave 1.0, which was created for users who value their privacy. The work on the program lasted five years and that time didn't go to waste. The beta version already showed that the interest is high - more than 8.7 million users decided to start using a new competitor for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Brave 1.0 is available for Windows 10, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

The priority for browser developers was to ensure privacy by blocking advertisements, cookie requests from third parties (to avoid tracking) and automatic video playback. Users do not have to adapt the program to their needs from the beginning, although in case of emergency, they can easily limit the security. This is done by means of a white list, to which you can add e.g. Facebook to avoid problems with loading the page. Of course, the competition offers similar options, but this usually requires the installation of additional plugins, which do not always fulfill their roles.

In addition, Brave offers an interesting system of rewarding users for watching safe advertisements. They occur mainly as non-intrusive notifications, and customer data do not go beyond the browser. We receive tokens for the time spent on them, which we may then pass on to another website (or its authors) as a token of appreciation. The browser also offers two private modes. The first one is similar to the one offered by competition. No data is stored on the device, but it is still accessed by the website and the network administrator. It looks different in the case of the private mode using Tor (a.k.a. The Onion Router). It is a more secure system because the data is encrypted. However, creators recommend using this mode only as a last resort.

Brave, as well as Opera, Vivaldi, and the new Microsoft Edge, is based on the source code of Chromium browser available as open-source. However, it is alleged to be more efficient than its competitors. The authors suggest that the program loads pages faster than Mozilla and Google Chrome, and at the same time it needs less memory.

You can download the browser from the official website, as well as from Google Play and App Store.

  1. Brave browser - official website
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