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Tower of Fantasy (Tof) - Wanderer Creation Limit Reached. How to Fix It?

Przemyslaw Dygas, 12 August 2022, 11:04

Some Tower of Fantasy players have encountered a rather troublesome error related to the „wanderer creation limit reached” message. In this guide you can find out how to deal with it.

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) - How to Change Game Language?

Agnes Adamus, 11 August 2022, 14:07

From this post you will learn how to change the language in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Launch As Usual - Giant Queues and Login Problems

Rozbo, 11 August 2022, 13:45

The launch of the great rival of Genshin Impact ended up with a queue screen for many players. Fortunately, the developers have already eliminated the problems, and are offering to compensate the players.

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) Character List

Agnes Adamus, 11 August 2022, 13:36

In this news you will find the list of characters available in Tower of Fantasy.

Diablo Immortal's Secret Mechanic Revealed; Player Reached Paragon Level 150

Miriam Moszczynska, 11 August 2022, 13:23

One Diablo Immortal player has reached Paragon level 150. With this, he unlocked two new skill trees and a hidden mechanic related to equipment.

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) Red Nucleus - How to Get It?

Przemyslaw Dygas, 11 August 2022, 12:51

In Tower of Fantasy there is a special type of currency called Red Nucleus, which will enable you to take part in the best gacha draws. Here you will learn how to get it.

Tower of Fantasy Character Tier List

Agnes Adamus, 10 August 2022, 14:35

In this post you will find a list of the best characters in Tower of Fantasy.

Hottest Launch of the Month Approaching; Preload Begins

Hubert Sledziewski, 10 August 2022, 14:02

The preload of the free-to-play game Tower of Fantasy, the highly anticipated competitor to Genshin Impact, has launched. The title will be available from tomorrow on PC and mobile devices.

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) Registration and Account Creation

Przemyslaw Dygas, 10 August 2022, 13:17

Tower of Fantasy is an eagerly awaited game that will get its official release tomorrow. However, you can set up an account in the game now, and here you will learn how to do it.

Fan Couldn't Wait for Proper Attack on Titan Game, so He Made His Own

Adrian Werner, 10 August 2022, 12:32

An Attack on Titan fan by the handle Swammy has created an excellent free fan game called AoT Fan Game, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Boxed Editions Don't Exist For Take-Two; Zynga is Chasing Rockstar

Adrian Werner, 09 August 2022, 14:15

What emerges from Take-Two Interactive's financial report is a picture of a company fully focused on digital distribution and microtransactions.

Activision Makes a Fortune on Mobile Games; Diablo Immortal Definitely Helped

Adam Adamczyk, 09 August 2022, 13:34

Activision Blizzard makes its money mainly from mobile games. In the second quarter, they brought the company more than half of its total profits, more than PC and console games combined.

Belgium's New Regulations Failed to Get Rid of Lootboxes

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 August 2022, 11:54

2018 was supposed to be the end of lootboxes in Belgium. However, apparently banning this type of „gambling” proved too difficult in practice.

Diablo Immortal Devs were Making WoW Spin-off, Schreier Reports [UPDATED]

Jacob Blazewicz, 06 August 2022, 11:28

NetEase was supposed to create a World of Warcraft spin-off in the form of a mobile MMORPG. But apparently the project was scrapped after three years of work.

Diablo Immortal's Warbands Now Suck Just a Bit Less

Miriam Moszczynska, 05 August 2022, 15:03

Warbands remain one of the most hated elements of Diablo Immortal. Blizzard rolled out a minor update that only irritated the players.

Pokemon Presents: New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer

Matt Buckley, 04 August 2022, 17:03

Pokemon Presents covered a lot of information about current games like Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite, also revealed a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Diablo Immortal Player Spent $100 Thousand on a Character and Has no One to Play With; Wants a Refund [UPDATED]

Przemyslaw Dygas, 04 August 2022, 09:58

Youtuber jtisallbusiness has spent so much money on micropayments in Diablo Immortal that it is preventing him from playing PvP. Now he is considering whether to demand a refund.

Indonesia Cuts Off Access to Steam, Epic Games Store and Other Online Stores [UPDATED]

Adrian Werner, 03 August 2022, 13:21

Indonesian gamers have lost access to many popular gaming stores, including Steam. The reason is the companies' failure to register with the local Ministry of Communications.

Secret Shop Discovered in Diablo Immortal

Adam Adamczyk, 03 August 2022, 12:36

A gamer accidentally discovered a secret store in Diablo Immortal. He managed to do so while streaming the game via Discord.

Diablo Immortal Will Get New Updates Every Two Weeks

Przemyslaw Dygas, 03 August 2022, 11:33

It looks like Blizzard has ambitious plans to develop Diablo Immortal. The game will receive updates every two weeks.

EA Reports Big Earning on Live-service Games; Apex Legends Mobile Beyond Expectations

Adrian Werner, 03 August 2022, 11:19

EA has revealed of its financial results. Most of the company's business is now live-service games, but the publisher stresses the importance of single player titles in its growth strategy.

Diablo Immortal Brought in a Lot New Players to Diablo

Miriam Moszczynska, 03 August 2022, 11:07

Diablo Immortal continues to surprise. Activision Blizzard's financial report has revealed that the mobile Diablo has „lured” a lot of new players who have had no previous experience with either the series or Blizzard's creations in general.

Terraria Devs Just Can't Stop Talking About New Patches

Adam Adamczyk, 02 August 2022, 14:43

Terraria may receive a highly anticipated feature, as the developers do not stop supporting the game.

Diablo Immortal Turns Into a Tornado; 10 Million Players More in a Week

Hubert Sledziewski, 30 July 2022, 16:26

Despite unrelenting criticism, Diablo Immortal is increasingly popular. The developers of the game boasted today that it has already been downloaded 30 million times.

Torchlight: Infinite Devs Take a Jab at Diablo Immortal

Jacob Blazewicz, 29 July 2022, 20:52

Torchlight: Infinite will not repeat the mistakes of Diablo Immortal. At least that's what producer Liu Heng assures, who mentioned, among other things, microtransactions and a „presentation.”.

Genshin Impact's Competitor Tower of Fantasy Gets Release Date

Adrian Werner, 29 July 2022, 14:08

We have learned the release date of the English-language version of Tower of Fantasy, the highly anticipated competitor to Genshin Impact.

Diablo Immortal's Earnings Pick Up Steam Thanks to China

Kamil Kleszyk, 28 July 2022, 20:58

Diablo Immortal presses on, despite criticism. The game, hated by many for its ubiquitous microtransactions, has become a real money-making machine. After its release in China, Blizzard's game broke the magic barrier of $100 million in revenue.

Another Star Wars Game Delayed

Jacob Blazewicz, 28 July 2022, 14:21

The Force seems to have abandoned the game market this year. Admittedly, Star Wars: Hunters did not share the fate of KotOR Remake, but it still suffered a delay.

Another Terraria Patch Announced; Dev Breaks Another Promise (Thankfully)

Adam Adamczyk, 28 July 2022, 14:07

Terraria developers are not slacking off in taking care of players. We lived to see another announcement of gameplay improvements.

End of 'Oof'; Famous Death Noise Removed From Roblox

Adam Adamczyk, 27 July 2022, 14:53

The 'oof' sound is disappearing from Roblox. It will be replaced by another sound. The popular death noise has had problems before.

Diablo Immortal Players Still Lose Millions of XP; Battle Pass Fixes Don't Work

Kamil Kleszyk, 27 July 2022, 13:07

Apparently, Blizzard's recently released hotfix for Diablo Immortal did not live up to expectations. The game still suffers from a bug that causes users to lose correctly earned experience points.

New F2P Torchlight is Coming; Will Face Off Against Diablo Immortal

Agnes Adamus, 26 July 2022, 22:19

Open beta tests of Torchlight Infinite will begin this October. The title will be available not only on mobile platforms, but also on PC.

Genshin Impact Update 3.0 Highlights; We're in for a Beautiful Trip

Przemyslaw Dygas, 26 July 2022, 13:03

Genshin Impact has received a delightful teaser related to the upcoming update 3.0, with a brand new region waiting for the players to explore.

Diablo Immortal Goes Like a Storm, Another Barrier Broken

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 23 July 2022, 16:37

Blizzard Entertainment boasts of the number of installations, while players continue to complain about the Warbands and problems with the awarding of experience points for the Battle Pass.

Warbands in Diablo Immortal Make no Sense; Fans Demand Changes

Miriam Moszczynska, 20 July 2022, 12:18

Warbands in Diablo Immortal are giving the community a headache. The system makes absolutely no sense against existing clans and people are demanding that it be removed.

Completed 1,000 Rifts in Diablo Immortal Without Paying and Here's What He Got

destroytheardor, 19 July 2022, 13:50

A gamer decided to test the effects of completing 1,000 rifts in Diablo Immortal without spending money on microtransactions. Was it even worth his time investment?

Not Everybody Thinks Lootboxes Are a National Problem

destroytheardor, 18 July 2022, 16:33

The UK government has conducted an investigation into lootboxes in video games. The conclusions are that the problem exists and needs to be addressed, but it is best if it solves itself.

Son Spent $2,000 in Diablo Immortal; No Hopes for Refund

Adam Adamczyk, 15 July 2022, 13:06

A desperate parent is seeking counseling after his son spent about $2,000 in Diablo Immortal.

Resurgence Looks Like Real The Division, Only 10 Years Backwards

Krzysiek Kalwasinski, 14 July 2022, 19:00

The recently announced Tom Clancy's The Division: Resurgence has been shown in the first gameplay. And as expected, it doesn't look very modern.

$65 Billion in 6 Months; Mobile Market Breaks Record

Jacob Blazewicz, 14 July 2022, 12:33

The mobile market has slowed down, but still managed to set another record. Users (including gamers) continue to spend billions of dollars on apps in App Store and Google Play.

Heizou Now in Genshin Impact

Hubert Sledziewski, 13 July 2022, 18:43

Today, studio miHoYo released patch 2.8 for the free-to-play game Genshin Impact. Among the new features are a four-star character - Shikanoin Heizou - and a limited-time area called Golden Apple Archipelago.

Leader Kicked Everyone Out of Clan in Diablo Immortal; Claimed Entire Boon

Sonia Selerska, 13 July 2022, 16:50

More problems in Diablo Immortal. Ill-thought out rules enabled one player to take advantage of other members of his clan and take their loot for himself.

Netflix's Zombie Hit Will Get a Game; Kingdom: the Blood Trailer

Kamil Kleszyk, 13 July 2022, 10:14

Netflix's love affair with the video game market continues. A trailer for the game Kingdom: the Blood, based on the streaming giant's popular TV show, has hit the web. We learned a few details about this RPG.

Diablo Immortal's First Big Update Disappoints, but Another One Just Got Announced

Adrian Werner, 07 July 2022, 13:23

Diablo Immortal has received an update with new content. However, player reactions are not enthusiastic. It is possible that better impressions will come with the next patch, which will be released later this month.

Cd Projekt's Gwent: Rogue Mage Launches

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 July 2022, 13:13

A new Witcher game, only without the Witchers - this is how one can describe Gwent: Rogue Mage, which has just debuted on the market.

Diablo Immortal Defended by Blizzard's Boss

Kamil Kleszyk, 07 July 2022, 12:17

Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Ybarra defends the controversial microtransactions in Diablo Immortal, claiming that it is possible to complete the game in 99.5% without any monetary contributions.

New Witcher Game Launches Tomorrow

Jacob Blazewicz, 06 July 2022, 19:25

CD Projekt RED has revealed the game until recently known as Project Golden Nekker. The single-player Gwent: Rogue Mage will soon be available on sale.

The Division Resurgence is Ubisoft's New Shooter

Hubert Sledziewski, 06 July 2022, 18:29

Today, Ubisoft announced the free-to-play game Tom Clancy's The Division Resurgence. It will be a mobile installment of the popular franchise.

Diablo Immortal Devs May be Working on Another Popular Franchise

Michael Zegar, 05 July 2022, 19:34

Chinese studio NetEase, creators of Diablo Immortal, are said to have been working for several years on a mobile spin-off of the well-known first-person shooter series.

Players Cry, But Pay; Diablo Immortal Earns Millions of Dollars

Jacob Blazewicz, 04 July 2022, 19:22

Diablo Immortal is drowning in a sea of criticism, but also money. After a month, the game is still making $1 million a day for Blizzard Entertainment.