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News hardware & software 14 May 2020, 10:53

author: Mateusz Popielak

CEO of Xiaomi Uses iPhone? Fans are Outraged

The head of the Chinese giant was „caught” using iPhone. How does Xiaomi explain it?

Brand fans did not like the choice of Lei Jun.

A post from Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, appeared on the Chinese social website Weibo. He encouraged people to read books and there would be nothing unusual in the post if it wasn't for the info that said which device it was sent from. The iPhone marker on the post made the loyal fans of the Chinese giant extremely unhappy. Does Lei Jun secretly use Apple's devices because he doesn't trust his own products? Or is it about something else?

The discussed post by Xiaomi's boss.

After the recent events related to the alleged tracking of users, the idea may come to mind that the company's CEO does not want to be invigilated in any way. But the truth may be quite different.

Mr. Jiutang, an analyst, says it's normal for a company president to use another device. He tries to find the pros and cons of a given product so that he can implement or modify existing services or solutions in his own. As he himself wrote, in response to the accusations against Lei Jun:

"If the owner or product manager of a mobile phone company claims not to try Apple's, Samsung products and competing products, it is either hypocritical, incompetent or does not care about the product / away from the front line, and technological innovations..."

Another option is that someone else may have been responsible for CEO's entry. Very often the profiles of media people are maintained by the right people, either for PR purposes or for convenience. How was it really? Xiaomi's fans will probably never find out.

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