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News video games 02 October 2023, 14:11

author: Jan Kopacz

New Trailer of Core Decay Appeals to System Shock and Deus Ex Fans

On the occasion of Realms Deep 2023, a new trailer for Core Decay has been released. It shows that the game will offer the freedom to choose the methods of completing tasks that immersive sim productions are famous for.

Source: 3D Realms

A virtual event was held this past weekend, named Realms Deep 2023, focusing mainly on presenting games inspired by solutions from old PC games. One of the projects shown during this event was Core Decay.

The game's developers have prepared a new gameplay trailer for the event. The video is interesting, as it shows the freedom of gameplay offered by the title. In the trailer, the hero's task is to escape from a hostile outpost, which requires reaching the director's office to press the right button.

The devs showed three methods of accomplishing this task.

  1. The first was to brutally eliminate anyone who stood in the player's way.
  2. In the "social" approach, the protagonist had to find a friendly employee who gave him the code to a special room, where there was an access card to the director's office.
  3. The last strategy was a classic stealth approach, where the protagonist took cover in the shadows and quietly eliminated security guards before making his way through a ventilation duct directly to his target.

Core Decay is an immersive sim game, inspired by such series as Deus Ex or System Shock. The multitude of completion methods is a key element for this category, and the trailer showed that the developers do not intend to disappoint the players this regard.

Recall that Core Decay is heading exclusively for PC. For now, it is not known when the game will debut on the market.

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Core Decay

Core Decay