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Core Keeper - Ancient Forge and Galaxite Explained

Don't know what Ancient Forge and Galaxite are used for in Core Keeper and where to find them? In this guide you will find all the answers.

In Core Keeper you can find Ancient Forge, which is a very rare structure that enables you to transform all ores, even as rare as Galaxite into ingots. In this guide, we will tell you in more detail how they work, what Galaxite and Ancient Forge are, and where you can find them.

What are Ancient Forge and Galaxite?

Core Keeper - Ancient Forge and Galaxite Explained - picture #1

Ancient Forge is a very rare structure that enables you to, among other things, forge a legendary pick called the Soul Seeker. This item is needed to unlock "The Soul Seeker" trophy. In addition, in Ancient Forge you can also smelt the ore you have collected and turn them into ingots, which you will need in blacksmithing or jewelry making.

Galaxite, on the other hand, is one of the rarest ores that you can acquire in the game. It can also be smelted in the Ancient Forge to create the best weapons or armor from the material obtained in the process. Forged items will greatly help in the fight against the most dangerous enemies.

Where to find Ancient Forge?

You can find this structure in the mini-biome called Molten Quarry. It is located in a larger biome, namely in the Desert of Beginning. First you have to look for quarries in the desert to enter Molten Quarry. Once there, the biome is characterized by the fact that it is covered with lava. It is recommended to travel through it having a large number of bridges. It is there that you can find the Ancient Forge.

Where to find Galaxite?

The material is a very rare and you will only have access to it to later in the game. You can only find it in one biome, which is called Desert of Beginning. Getting there, however, will not be possible until you demolish the Great Wall.

Core Keeper - Ancient Forge and Galaxite Explained - picture #2

Once you get there, however, you can find this ore in Lava Rock Walls and in Sandstone Walls. You will have to mine this material with a pickaxe.

Galaxite can be seen even in total darkness. If you see a white flash appear on the screen, it means that this is where you will find this ore.

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