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News Files and Mods 18 December 2022, 19:40

author: Adrian Werner

ETS2: Project Japan Mod Updated

Version 1.0.8 of the Project Japan mod, which recreates modern Japan in Euro Truck Simulator 2, has been released.

A new version of Project Japan, an extensive mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which enables you to play on the roads of the Land of the Rising Sun, has been released.

The new version is numbered 1.0.8. The update primarily makes the modification compatible with the latest version of ETS2, namely 1.46. In addition, the creators have improved some of the locations and removed many bugs.

  1. Project Japan ETS2 - download the mod from our FTP (the authors have given us permission to host a mirror)

Recall that Project Japan introduces to Euro Truck Simulator 2 a new map, recreating modern Japan. The modification is huge and the level of execution looks more like an official DLC than a fan project.

The developers have prepared a ton of new objects, goods and cars. On top of that, the gameplay has been heavily reworked to reflect Japanese road regulations (including left-hand traffic) and the local economic realities. The creators have also included quite a few easter eggs and collectibles (e.g. viewpoints or places worthy of being photographed) for the most inquisitive players, which are a nice break from freight work.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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