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News video games 10 November 2022, 17:13

author: Agnes Adamus

ETS2 Update 1.46 Goes Live; New Area Available

ETS2 has received update 1.46, which introduces to the game, among other things, a new area to visit and the ability to purchase chemical tankers.

SCS Software has released update 1.46 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. This means that all the novelties announced in the past weeks have finally arrived in the game. Among them we'll find a new area to visit and the possibility to purchase chemical tankers. The patch weighs in at 3.1 GB.

Until now, the novelties could be tested only those who decided to join the beta. However, during the testing stage, the developers did not provide all the fresh features.

Patch 1.46 in ETS2 - list of changes

The list of new features that arrived in ETS2 along with update 1.46, is as follows:

  1. A new area on the Iberian Peninsula (requires the Iberia DLC). It is a small town with nearby area, located near Madrid, Spain. A new company has been placed in it;
  2. Road signs on the Iberian Peninsula that match those actually used in the region. With their help, for example, you will know what region or city you are entering;
  3. videos showing the city where you start a new game, for metropolises located on the Iberian Peninsula;
  4. a business browser. With its help you can find orders by type of cargo or type of trailer;
  5. the ability to purchase tankers for chemicals. They are fully customizable in appearance and available in three chassis variants (1-, 2- and 3-axle).
  6. the gallery, which stores screenshots taken during the game. Although it retains the basic function of the Screenshot Manager, the whole thing has been significantly expanded. Special landmarks now appear on the map, as well as so-called photo trophies, i.e. country-specific objects.

You can find a detailed discussion of each of the above new features here, in the post on the post on SCS Software blog.

It is worth recalling that the developer is also working on new DLC for ETS2. It will take us to Western Balkans. Its release date, however, remains unknown.

  1. Euro Truck Simulator 2 - official website

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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