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News guides 28 December 2023, 04:36

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Everything about Shrine in Gnorp Apologue

In the Gnorp Apologue you can build a shrine of Excalibur and get exclusive perks once the sword is retrieved. Find out how to do it here.

Source: The Gnorp Apologue, developer: Myco

The Gnorp Apologue is an idle game that is all about helping small creatures called Gnorps get rich by gathering the resource called Shards. The Gnorps mine a huge rock by attacking it with various weapons, and you can get upgrades and unlock technologies that make the process faster. The Gnorpcalibur is a powerful weapon you can get after building a Shrine, a structure which also unlocks additional perks and achievements. Here is how to do it.

Everything about Shrine in Gnorp Apologue

To build the Shrine, you must first unlock it by gathering the sufficient amount of Prestige Points. The Shrine is purchased from the House of Shards for 1 million Shards. Afterwards, you need to purchase the Find the Chosen perk by spending 9 Gnorps to get the Gnorpcalibur sword.

Getting this upgrade will cause 8 Gnorps to die trying to pull Gnorpcalibur out of the stone. Only the last Gnorp to attempt it will succeed. Once the little creature uses the sword to hit the large rock, it will unlock the achievement Gnorpcalibur!

The Shrine is also required to obtain the following perks:

  1. Accord: Reversal – makes the rock reclaim less Shards from a Compression Event,
  2. Accord: Overdrive – powers up the Gnorp using Gnorpcalibur,
  3. Accord: Power – gives a damage multiplier to Rockets.

By default, the Accord perks offered by the shrine are mutually exclusive, which means you need to pick just one. However, the talent Gnorpcalibur: Unleashed will allow you to get all of the upgrades at the same time. As the shrine can strongly increase your DPS, building it and gathering all the upgrades is recommended for late game.