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$120 for Ready or Not Alpha Access; Gameplay Footage Available

Hubert Sledziewski, 06 December 2021, 14:14

The spiritual successor to the iconic S.W.A.T. series, Ready or Not from Void Interavctive, has reached alpha phase. Buyers of Supporter Edition could test it. Thanks to them numerous gameplay videos appeared on the web. It seems that there is a lot to look forward to.

Wartales Launch in Steam Early Access is a Decent Success

Jacob Blazewicz, 03 December 2021, 16:25

Wartales has so far failed to top Valheim as an Early Access hit, but the new work from the developers of Northgard has had a pretty successful debut in Steam's Early Access.

Stardew Valley's New Patch Add Changes Anticipated by Modders

Adrian Werner, 02 December 2021, 15:11

Patch 1.5.5 to Stardew Valley has been released. It does not introduce new content, but implements changes that will pay off for years.

Dead Cells With 6 Million Copies Sold and New DLC

Adrian Werner, 01 December 2021, 15:37

Dead Cells sales exceeded 6 million copies. On this occasion, the devs announced the third DLC, titled The Queen of the Sea.

RPG Wartales from Northgard Devs Launches in Early Access

Adrian Werner, 01 December 2021, 15:11

In a few hours, Steam's Early Access will see the launch of Wartales, a promising RPG from the devs of Northgard.

Sons of the Forest With New Trailer and Release Date

Adam Krolak, 30 November 2021, 22:02

We got to know the release date of Sons of the Forest. Fans of survival horrors will have the opportunity to play the sequel to 2018's warmly-received The Forest in just a few months.

The Internet Loves Crazy Theories About Poppy Playtime

Agnes Adamus, 30 November 2021, 13:49

The game Poppy Playtime sparked considerable interest among the players. The title owes its position mainly to the secrets that give a lot of room for speculation about the plot.

Indie Strategy Game TFM: The First Men Attracts a Lot of Interest

Adrian Werner, 27 November 2021, 21:35

The trailer for TFM: The First Men, a fantasy strategy project that combines elements of RTS and 4X, has been released.

New Difficulty Levels in Valheim Only After Release; More Expansions Announced

Jacob Blazewicz, 26 November 2021, 13:59

Valheim has received a new patch, and the developers at Iron Gate have revealed a bit about the attractions coming to the game in the future.

Sifu Will Offer Only One Difficulty Level

Adrian Werner, 26 November 2021, 13:50

Devs at Slocap announced that the action fighting game Sifu will not offer an option to choose the difficulty level.

Ton of New Stuff Coming to The Riftbreaker

Adrian Werner, 25 November 2021, 14:04

Polish studio Exor revealed the development roadmap for The Riftbreaker, covering the next several months. Its assumptions are very ambitious - the players will receive a lot of free content, modding tools and a paid story DLC.

The Invincible First Look Trailer Released

Hubert Sledziewski, 24 November 2021, 10:39

During the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 a new trailer of The Invincible, a game based on Stanislaw Lem's novel, was presented.

Gunner Heat PC Tank Simulator Will Launch on Steam

Adrian Werner, 23 November 2021, 14:11

Gunner, HEAT, PC!, a tank simulator focusing mainly on single-player mode, is coming to Steam.

Myth of Empires With Good Launch on Steam; Players Appreciate New Survival MMO

Przemyslaw Dygas, 23 November 2021, 13:19

Myth of Empires debuted in early access on Steam and won the hearts of players. Activity results and user feedback are very satisfactory.

Sifu With New Release Date and Gameplay Details

Maycuzai, 18 November 2021, 22:53

The promising action game Sifu will be released a little earlier than planned. The developers present aging mechanics and combat system on new gameplay footage.

Northgard Devs' Wartales Early Access Launch Date Revealed

Adrian Werner, 14 November 2021, 19:39

Shiro Games announced that Wartales will debut in Steam's Early Access on December 1. On this occasion, a new trailer was released.

Bright Memory: Infinite With Impressive Visuals; Hot Launch on Steam

Miriam Moszczynska, 12 November 2021, 19:27

Bright Memory: Infinite, a futuristic first-person action game, was released. The game is quite popular, and the ratings on Steam indicate that it met with a warm reception.

SteamWorld Headhunter Announced

Adrian Werner, 11 November 2021, 14:21

SteamWorld Headhunter, the next installment of the popular brand from Image & Form studio, has been announced. This time we get an action adventure game focused on co-op mode.

Deep Rock Galactic Renaissance on Game Pass and Steam

Adrian Werner, 10 November 2021, 16:35

The renaissance of Deep Rock Galactic continues, aided by the release of a free season pass. The game has over one million players on Game Pass, and sales have surpassed three million copies.

Among Us Reminds of Itself With Roles & Cosmicubes Patch

Adrian Werner, 10 November 2021, 16:25

The Roles & Cosmicubes update for Among Us has been released. It introduces new roles for players and expands the list of available cosmetic items.

Bloodborne Meets Pinocchio - Here's New Dark Trailer for Lies of P

Adam Krolak, 09 November 2021, 20:41

Round8 has released a very impressive trailer for Lies of P, presenting the gameplay of the upcoming soulslike game. We can admire the dark city of Krat and clashes with various opponents.

Free Clicker That Lets You Play God Gains Popularity

Maycuzai, 04 November 2021, 21:50

The free clicker Cell to Singularity, enabling us to take on the role of the creator and manage the evolutionary process has left early access on Steam and mobile devices. The game is gaining popularity and boasts many positive reviews. If you want to pass your biology course, this game is just what you need...

Fall Guys and Enter the Gungeon Publisher Goes Public; Sony Among Investors

Hubert Sledziewski, 04 November 2021, 21:01

Devolver Digital, publisher of games such as Fall Guys, Enter the Gungeon, Gris and Shadow Warrior 2, has gone public. The once small company immediately attracted industry giants like Sony, which became one of its investors.

Crab Game - Free Squid Game Clone Goes Big on Steam and Twitch

Adrian Werner, 01 November 2021, 11:55

Modeled on the Squid Game series, the free multiplayer game Crab Game has become a hit on Steam. Streams from the game are also very popular on Twitch.

Videos From New Game by The Hong Kong Massacre Devs are Mind-blowing

Patryk Lukasz Kubiak, 31 October 2021, 22:41

The Hong Kong Massacre was a warmly received indie shooter. Its creators at VRESKI are striking the iron while it's hot and preparing a new project, which looks really great on videos presented on Twitter.

Devolver Digital's Inscryption is a Great Success

Adrian Werner, 29 October 2021, 15:11

Inscryption is one of the indie hits of 2021. In less than two weeks after release, the game's sales have exceeded 250,000 copies.

Weird West From Dishonored Devs Gets Release Date

Maycuzai, 28 October 2021, 21:29

We got to know the release date of Weird West - an RPG from the co-creators of Dishonored. Along with it we got a fresh gameplay showing mechanics, character outline and expected game length.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Already a Success Even Without Steam

Adrian Werner, 28 October 2021, 12:39

Darkest Dungeon 2's launch turned out to be a big success. More than 100 thousand copies of the game were sold within 48 hours after the release of the early version.

Gameplay From First Class Trouble; Among Us-like Game in November PS Plus

Maycuzai, 28 October 2021, 00:11

Check out Gameplay from First Class Trouble - straight from the latest State of Play. The game, inspired by gameplay from Among Us, the game will be included in November's PS Plus offer.

New Gameplay From Gorgeous Open-world RPG Little Devil Inside

Maycuzai, 27 October 2021, 23:49

Check out the new gameplay from Little Devil Inside - straight from State of Play. This independent game impresses with visuals, world design, and the complexity of mechanics.

Deep Rock Galactic Will Get a Free Battle Pass

Adrian Werner, 27 October 2021, 15:08

Further development of Deep Rock Galactic will take place in seasonal formula. Interestingly, however, the accompanying battle pass will be available for free.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Compared to First Installment

Hubert Sledziewski, 26 October 2021, 15:41

Today Darkest Dungeon 2 will debut in early access on Epic Games Store. Devs at Red Hook introduced quite a few changes to the game compared to the original, and gameplays discussing the most important of them have appeared online.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Broke Even; Devs Want to Make Another Game

Miriam Moszczynska, 25 October 2021, 12:30

The creators of Ken: Bridge Of Spirits informed that the game has broke even. What's more, Ember Lab intends to specialize in the genre of action adventure games. Their next work will also be its representative.

Zombies and Leshen are the Highlights of Steam's Bestseller List

Adrian Werner, 25 October 2021, 10:25

Last week, Back 4 Blood and New World continued to be the best-selling games on Steam. On the other hand, Inscryption recorded a surprisingly good launch.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Trailer Shows Great 3D Graphics

Adrian Werner, 23 October 2021, 16:25

New Darkest Dungeon 2 trailer has hit the web. It shows gameplay in three-dimensional graphics and it looks great. The game has not lost anything in comparison with the two-dimensional original.

Valheim Continues to Grow; Turnip Ornaments, Mountain Caves and a Dark Biome

Hubert Sledziewski, 22 October 2021, 21:16

Iron Gate, the studio responsible for Valheim doesn't slow down. After the first major update, called Hearth & Home, the creators are preparing another one - Mistlands. Work on it will take some time, so in the meantime the developers are planning smaller patches, in which they will add, among others, mountain caves and turnip decorations.

Haunted Chocolatier is the New Game From Stardew Valley Dev

Adrian Werner, 22 October 2021, 12:11

The creator of Stardew Valley has announced Haunted Chocolatier, a game, in which we will deal with making and selling chocolate. Ingredients for sweets will be obtained during expeditions to a magical land.

Terraria in Don't Starve or Don't Starve in Terraria? Devs Tease 'Something'

Miriam Moszczynska, 22 October 2021, 11:32

A crossover announcement for Don't Starve and Terraria has surfaced on Twitter. The new content is expected to hit the games next month.

Women and Trains in This Land Is My Land - Native American Sim Lives

ZieZie, 15 October 2021, 21:41

October 20 will see the release of This Land Is My Land. For that reason, it's worth taking a look at the last major changes made to the game.

The Invincible in First Teaser

Maycuzai, 14 October 2021, 22:04

Check out the first teaser for the game adaptation of the novel The Invincible. Fans of Kubrick's Space Odyssey should be overjoyed.

Invincible - Mystery Broadcast Coming Later This Week

Przemyslaw Dygas, 13 October 2021, 12:45

Soon we will finally learn something more about the adventure based on Stanislaw Lem's novel. In 34 hours there will be a broadcast concerning Invincible.

From The Witcher 3 to Valheim; Mod for Playable Geralt, Ciri, Triss and Yennefer

Hubert Sledziewski, 07 October 2021, 21:37

Do you like The Witcher 3 and would like to play with characters from this game in another game, for example in Valheim? It is a good thing, because a mod has been released that will enables you to do just that.

Vehicle Building Game Stormworks Popularity Surges Thanks to DLC and Discount

Adrian Werner, 07 October 2021, 11:59

With a discount and release of the new expansion, the engineering game Stormworks has set a new activity record on Steam.

Dino Horror Game The Lost Wild Got a Teaser

Hubert Sledziewski, 04 October 2021, 14:45

Independent studio Great Ape Games is making a FPP horror game about dinosaurs. The Lost Wild will force us to fight for survival in a wilderness teeming with prehistoric life. The game has been in development for several years as part of Epic's MegaGrants program, and received its first teaser trailer this past Friday.

Stop the Mongols in Free Game Vedelem: The Golden Horde

GRG, 04 October 2021, 14:02

Vedelem: The Golden Horde is a strategy game developed as a student project, made available for free and warmly received on Steam.

Steam Next Fest Launches Today Offering Hundreds of Game Demos

GRG, 01 October 2021, 12:07

Get ready for a week of discovering gaming gems. Today marks the launch of another Steam Next Fest, with hundreds of demos, interviews and deals.

Lovecraftian Adventure Game Dagon for Free on Steam

Adrian Werner, 29 September 2021, 16:24

Bit Golem has released Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft, a horror adventure game inspired by the Cthulhu mythos, for free.

Green Hell Sales Exceeded 2.5 Million Copies

Adrian Werner, 27 September 2021, 15:04

Creepy Jar has announced that it has sold over 2.5 million copies of the survival game Green Hell.

Tactical RPG Lost Eidolons Got a New Trailer

Adrian Werner, 26 September 2021, 20:36

A new trailer for the promising tactical RPG Lost Eidolons has appeared online. It announces closed beta tests, the registration for which is still open.

Fall Guys Made it Into the Guinness World Records

Hubert Sledziewski, 25 September 2021, 20:43

Fall Guys made it to the Guinness Book of Records. It happened thanks to the PS4 version of the game, which turned out to be the most downloaded item in history among all titles made available in PlayStation Plus.