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News video games 21 December 2021, 17:55

author: Adrian Werner

Expeditions: Rome Combat Trailer Available

A video was uploaded to the web, showing the combat system in Expeditions: Rome in action.

THQ Nordic has released new video from Expeditions: Rome, the upcoming RPG from Logic Artists.

The video lasts three and a half minutes and focuses on showing the combat system. Skirmishes will be played in a turn-based system. The weight of armor will affect how far the characters wearing it will move during a single turn.

Available attacks will be based on the character's equipment and class. The key role will be played by organizing cooperation between different members of the squad. This was shown on the example of the gladiator known as the Beast of Tabat, who can challenge enemies to duels. If he manages to land a good hit, the enemy will be stunned for a moment. This in turn will enable another of our subordinates to stab the enemy in the back.

During skirmishes many characters will use shileds known as scotum, which will serve not only for protection, but also as a weapon. Between expeditions we'll spend time in bases, where we'll modify our armor and craft new gear. Each campaign will end with a great siege battle.

Expeditions: Rome is coming exclusively to PC and will be released on January 20, 2022. However, you don't have to wait until next month to check this title out right now, because a few days ago a demo version was made available on Steam.

  1. Expeditions - official website
Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome

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