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News hardware & software 04 September 2019, 22:14

author: Julia Dragovic

Facebook Limits Facial Recognition and Tests Removing of Likes

Facebook has changed its facial recognition settings - the option will no longer be active by default. As before on Instagram, the corporation is also conducting tests to remove the like counter and reactions to posts.

Influencer marketing: sad reacts only

Changes on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is testing the removal of reaction counters and likes under posts. This drastic, as it may seem, change is aimed at curbing the not particularly healthy tendency of users to evaluate their lives from the perspective of the number of reactions under photographs or events from life. And to present a warped image of themselves. Because, as we all know, the more lux and hygge, the more likes you get. Similar tests are already underway on Instagram in seven countries. The expansion of the tests to Facebook may indicate that the results are good. This not over yet.

This is what the posts of the future are supposed to look like. You can see the reactions, but not their number. Source: Jane Manchun Wong.

In a new blog post, Facebook announced that it resigned from the default use of face recognition for photo tagging suggestions. The new arrangements have been in force since yesterday. If your suggestions were disabled in your account or you have just created an account, face recognition will automatically be disabled. Otherwise, you will see the following message in the settings:

It will take you only a few seconds to activate or deactivate face recognition.

...and in the near future you will receive a notification with information about the changes: what data is collected by Facebook and on what terms.

Facebook gives you a choice: more privacy or security for your image. The face "template" used for data processing is to be inaccessible to anyone but Facebook. If you decide to delete your account, you will also delete the template.

The change of settings is a response to Facebook's agreement with the Federal Trade Commission. In connection with the Cambridge Analytica affair, a fine of $5 billion was imposed on the famous social networking website. Mark Zuckerberg was also required to provide clear and explicit information on how facial recognition technology works and to obtain user consent to use it (especially if this is done to a greater extent than previously agreed). Facebook assures:

Our face recognition technology does not reveal your face to strangers. We do not share or sell this information to any third party.

Julia Dragovic

Julia Dragovic

She studied philosophy and philology and honed her writing skills by producing hundreds of assignments. She has been a journalist at Gamepressure since 2019, first writing in the newsroom, then becoming a columnist and reviewer, and eventually, a full-time editor of our game guides. She has been playing games for as long as she can remember – everything except shooters and RTSs. An ailurophile, fan of The Sims and concrete. When she's not clearing maps of collectibles or playing simulators of everything, economic strategies, RPGs (including table-top) or romantic indie games, Julia explores cities in different countries with her camera, searching for brutalist architecture and post-communist relics.


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