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News video games 19 March 2024, 01:40

author: Maciej Gaffke

Steam Families Is Valve's New Proposal for Sharing Game Accounts, Though With a Few Limitations

Starting today on Valve's platform, we can use the „Steam Families” feature. However, this novelty may not appeal to everyone.

Source: Valve

Valve has added a new feature called "Steam Families" to its platform, which will replace the existing game-sharing and family mode. The new solution is currently available for testing in the beta version, and it's uncertain when it will be widely available.

"Steam Families" is a new idea from Valve

Simply put, the "Steam Families" function enables you to bring together your family members in one place on the platform, providing everyone with access to a collective game library. The company provided a more detailed explanation of how this solution works in the published announcement.

  1. Every family member will be able to make individual game save or even collect their own achievements.
  2. The function separates members into two groups: adults and children. These first ones control and manage the "digital family." Furthermore, parents can limit store access, set time constraints for play, and review reports on gaming time.
  3. As part of this feature, Valve will also add a new payment method. A child belonging to the "Steam Families" will be able to send a request to the parent to pay for the purchase.

Recall that up to now, users could share games with their close ones without any limitations (at least offline). Family mode, on the other hand, allowed to manage access to the content of the Steam account.

What are the limitations of "Steam Families"?

The announcement from Valve also mentions limitations and potential flaws of the "Steam Families."

  1. Up to 6 household members can make use of the function. While it may seem like a lot, some families have more members, so there may not always be enough "space" for everyone.
  2. Adults can opt out of membership in such a "family" at any time. The children can only leave with the parent's permission or after seeking assistance from Steam's technical support.
  3. After leaving the "Steam Families," you have to wait a year to start a new one or join another one.
  4. Two family members cannot play the same game at the same time. This is only possible after purchasing a second copy of a given game.

If you are interested in this feature and want to use it, you can find it in the Steam settings. In the "interface" tab, expand the list next to the phrase "client beta participation" and select the "Steam Families Beta" option.

  1. Details of the "Steam Families" feature

Maciej Gaffke

Maciej Gaffke

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