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The Ascent Conquers Steam; Tribes of Midgard With Good Launch

Adrian Werner, 02 August 2021, 12:57

In the past week, New World did not give up its position as the leader in sales on Steam. Despite this, the devs of The Ascent and Tribes of Midgard have reasons to be happy - both titles recorded a very good launch.

Valve Responds to Wolfire Games' Lawsuit Over Monopolistic Practices on Steam

Hubert Sledziewski, 30 July 2021, 19:44

Valve has responded to April's lawsuit by Wolfire Games, which accused the company of monopolistic regulations. Steam's owners deny the allegations and claim that they are nothing more than an attack on the popular, consumer-acclaimed platform.

New Steam Client Beta Brings Better Data Management

Qskan, 30 July 2021, 19:03

Since yesterday, the beta of the new client can be tested by Steam users. The next version of the overlay refreshes the interface and makes the download manager more readable.

Gabe Newell on Steam Deck: „PC's Openness is a Superpower”; Launch May be Delayed

Jacob Blazewicz, 28 July 2021, 22:16

Gabe Newell doesn't see Steam Deck as a closed platform. Valve's CEO sees openness and the associated multi-functionality as a strength of the PC and wants the same for the company's „console”.

Valve Shows Off Steam Deck's Brilliant Gyroscope Performance

Adrian Werner, 27 July 2021, 12:04

Valve showed off the ingenious gyroscope system in Steam Deck. Together with analog knobs and trackpads, it is supposed to provide an experience close to mouse and keyboard controls.

Steam Deck May Limit FPS to Save Power

Sodar, 26 July 2021, 14:34

Valve announced an optional fps-lock feature for the Steam Deck console. This limiter is supposed to enable the device to run longer on a single battery charge.

New World Continues to Surprise on Steam

Adrian Werner, 26 July 2021, 10:40

Steam users rushed to buy New World pre-orders to join the closed beta. RimWorld: Ideology and the action game Death's Door also recorded successful debuts.

Steam Deck Delivers; Valve Hasn't Found a Game That the Console Can't Handle

Qskan, 23 July 2021, 10:37

In a recent interview, Valve representatives talked about the announced Steam Deck console. According to their words, the console will easily run any last-gen game.

Steam Next Fest Coming in October; Another Demo Fest Announced

Iltutmis, 21 July 2021, 11:13

We have learned the schedule of the next Steam Next Fest. In October, we'll play a selection of game demos from different genres and get a lot of information about upcoming titles.

More FPS in CS:GO - Steam Overlay May be Causing Drops

Qskan, 20 July 2021, 16:58

As Reddit users have discovered, an overloaded Steam overlay may be causing fps drops in CS:GO. There are several solutions, including reducing your friends list.

Steam Deck - Valve Made Sure Games From SD Cards Work Well

Adrian Werner, 20 July 2021, 13:17

The Steam Deck console is designed so that games installed on SD cards run fast enough. Journalists who tested the device, mostly played games that use this solution.

Steam Deck to Offer SSD Expansion; Creators Promise no Issues With Analogs

Patryk Lukasz Kubiak, 17 July 2021, 22:14

After the recent reveal of Steam Deck, news keeps coming out about how the device will work and what specs it will have. It turns out that the memory in the device will be expandable, and drifting analogs are not supposed to be a problem.

Steam Deck in High Demand; Over 100k Reservations in an Hour

Adam Krolak, 17 July 2021, 22:03

Reservations for the Steam Deck console from Valve began on Friday. In a short period of time, the number of preorders of the new portable console exceeded 100 thousand. However, there were some problems on the way.

Steam Deck Targeted by Scalpers; Prices Reach $2500

Przemyslaw Dygas, 17 July 2021, 21:43

Valve has been trying to protect Steam Deck from scalpers. Unfortunately, the company is losing this battle, and the first offers with significantly inflated prices have already appeared online.

Steam Deck Pre-orders are Open; First Come, First Served

Hubert Sledziewski, 16 July 2021, 22:08

We can now reserve the Steam Deck console from Valve. We advise you to hurry, because the new hardware may sell out very quickly.

Steam Deck is a Test for the PC Industry; Epic Games CEO Praises Valve's Move

Paul Musiolik, 16 July 2021, 12:13

Steam Deck is supposed to be a test for the entire PC industry. Gabe Newell wants to see if there is room in the market for portable PCs. The head of Epic Games praises him for this move.

Steam Deck Protected From Scalpers. How do I Order My Console?

Eklerek, 16 July 2021, 10:48

Pre-orders for Steam Deck, a new console presented by Valve, have begun. The manufacturer has prepared a number of security measures to protect the device from scalpers, but they can complicate the ordering procedure.

Steam Deck is the New Console From Valve

Przemyslaw Dygas, 15 July 2021, 20:59

There have long been rumors on the web that Valve is working on its own console. Now we have finally received an official announcement of the device called Steam Deck.

Microsoft Wants Steam and Epic Games Store on Its Store

Przemyslaw Dygas, 29 June 2021, 12:21

Panos Panay has confessed that he's eager to see Steam and Epic Games Store available on Windows 11. This would be yet another sign of Microsoft Store's policy of greater openness that the company has been announcing for some time.

Steam Summer Sale Reshuffles Weekly Bestseller List

Adrian Werner, 28 June 2021, 13:09

Steam Summer Sale led to big changes in the list of the biggest bestsellers on the store. All games in the top 10 are game participating in the sale.

Steam Top May Releases Include Resident Evil Village and Chair Simulator

Adrian Werner, 24 June 2021, 15:34

May on Steam was marked by big premieres such as Resident Evil Village, Days Gone or Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Old exclusives from Epic Games Store also did well. On the other hand, the biggest free-to-play debuts include Chair Simulator.

Steam Will Make Cheap Purchases via VPN Even Harder

Jacob Blazewicz, 24 June 2021, 11:28

Valve has introduced a new restriction on Steam related to country settings. Thus, the platform continues to fight against the abuse of VPNs to buy games at lower, regional prices.

Let's Watch Steam Next Fest

Adrian Werner, 16 June 2021, 18:45

Today marks the launch of Steam Next Fest, an event organized by Valve where we'll be able to play game demos from E3 2021, among other things.

Steam Next Festival is Coming; Play Hundreds of Games on June 16

Przemyslaw Dygas, 03 June 2021, 12:36

The next edition of the Steam Next Festival is coming soon. On June 16 we will be able to play hundreds of demos of action, adventure, strategy and many other games.

Steam May be Planning to Introduce a Game Library Manager

Hubert Sledziewski, 30 May 2021, 18:35

Steam may be planning to introduce a game library manager to make it easier for us to manage the titles installed on our drive.

Steam Will Refresh Appearance of Downloads and Settings

Angelika Kaldus, 27 May 2021, 11:35

Steam will change the look of its download and settings page, reports Pavel Djundik, creator of SteamDB and Steam Status websites.

SteamPal is Most Likely a Switch-like Portable Console

Przemyslaw Dygas, 26 May 2021, 15:24

It looks like Valve is indeed working on a portable console called SteamPal. Information has surfaced online about what the new device from Gabe Newell's company may be.

Console From Valve? Names Found in Steam Client Beta Code Spark Debate

Milosz Szubert, 25 May 2021, 17:32

Mysterious mentions of something called SteamPal have been found in the code of the latest Steam client beta. This is related to a thing codenamed Neptune. Observers speculate that this is about some new device, possibly a console, from Valve.

Upcoming Sales and Events on Steam in Detail

Hubert Sledziewski, 22 May 2021, 17:58

We've learned the dates and other details of the upcoming events on Steam. Open World Sale will launch this Thursday, while the Steam Next Festival and Steam Summer Sale are scheduled for June.

Embracer Group Spends Twice as Much on Commissions as on Game Development

Hubert Sledziewski, 20 May 2021, 22:07

Embracer Group, which includes Deep Silver and Gearbox Software, revealed in its 2021 financial report that it spends twice as much money on store commissions for its games as it does on creating games themselves.

Steam Made Another Attempt at Fixing Bug in Biggest Game Libraries

Milosz Szubert, 19 May 2021, 15:27

Earlier this week Steam received a new update. According to the official description, one of its main features is another attempt to eliminate the bug that caused owners with 25,000 or more games in their libraries to experience the program crashing or shutting down.

Rumor: PlayStation Studios' Steam Page Reveals Info on PC Ports

Hubert Sledziewski, 16 May 2021, 16:02

A page of Play Station Studios has appeared on Steam, reporting the presence of 41 Sony products on Valve's platform. However, only 25 are currently available (4 games and 21 DLCs). Some of the missing items may be as yet unannounced ports of exclusive titles.

Steam Games on Consoles; Gabe Newell Thinks About Expansion

Gabriela Sicinska, 12 May 2021, 20:57

Steam may be heading to consoles. Gabe Newell, founder of Valve, promises more information before the end of this year.

CS:GO and PUBG Reign Again Among Steam Bestsellers

Jacob Blazewicz, 03 May 2021, 16:25

Last week was exceptionally good for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Both game found themselves at the top of Steam's bestseller list, surpassing the hits of recent months.

New Lawsuit Concerning Valve's Monopolistic Practices on Steam

Jacob Blazewicz, 30 April 2021, 19:35

Valve has become the target of another lawsuit. The document filed by Wolfire Games accuses the company of anti-competitive regulation, including overpricing on Steam and taking 30% of devs' revenue.

New Features on Steam Will Make Finding Games Easier

Jacob Blazewicz, 22 April 2021, 14:53

Valve has introduced more changes to Steam. This time the platform received new features related to game search.

Patch Helps Players Who Have Over 25K Games on Steam, All 3 of Them

Bart Swiatek, 21 April 2021, 12:57

Valve Software has fixed a bug that could cause the Steam client to crash for accounts with more than 25,000 games assigned to them. There are three people in the world with such a collection.

Nvidia GPUs and Intel CPUs Still Reign Supreme on Steam

Karol Laska , 03 April 2021, 19:49

Steam, according to tradition, examined how the hardware used by platform's users has changed in March 2021. There are no surprises - Nvidia and Intel remain at the top.

Steam Next Fest Coming in June With Hundreds of Demos

Szarmancki, 24 March 2021, 20:37

We know the date of the next edition of the Steam Games Festival. It will adopt a new name to better reflect the spirit of the event. The celebration of upcoming games will start in mid-June.

Remote Play Together Beta Ends; Valve Announces Sale and Event on Steam

Jacob Blazewicz, 23 March 2021, 13:44

Steam finished testing a new version of Remote Play Together. From now on, users can play selected titles with friends who do not have an account on Valve's platform. The company intends to celebrate the fact with a special sale and event.

Steam Refused to Sell Game Because of Excessive Nudity

Przemyslaw Dygas, 22 March 2021, 18:56

Super Seducer 3 will not appear on Steam. Valve deemed the game too close to pornography.

Steam Download Almost Grinds to a Halt in Russia Because of Local Authorities

Bart Swiatek, 11 March 2021, 16:01

Due to the decision of the Russian telecommunications agency Roskomnadzor, the operation of some websites and online services has been greatly slowed down. One of the platforms that have suffered is Steam.

CS:GO Removed from Steam? Valve Might be Up To Something [UPDATED]

Bart Swiatek, 09 March 2021, 09:41

The popular shooter CS:GO disappeared from Steam. For now, the reason for this is unknown – is it technical maintenance, or are the developers preparing some big announcement?

Indies Dominated Steam Last Week

Adrian Werner, 08 March 2021, 11:40

Independent games dominated Steam's last week bestseller list. Valheim, Loop Hero, Deep Rock Galactic or Tale of Immortal are among the biggest winners. Apart from indie games, Outriders is also doing very well.

Steam Remote Play Together Available to Everyone

Przemyslaw Dygas, 03 March 2021, 21:30

A new update to the Steam platform has brought a full version of the Remote Play Together feature. This allows local multiplayer games to be played remotely.

Court Orders Valve to Give Apple Its Data

Karol Laska , 25 February 2021, 19:35

Epic Games' conflict with Apple has temporarily turned into a dispute between Apple and Valve. What's more, Gabe Newell's side is losing this clash, as a California court has obliged it to hand over data on 436 games available on Steam.

Xbox Gamepad Leads on Steam - Valve Publishes Controller Stats

Jacob Blazewicz, 25 February 2021, 12:56

Valve prepared some more help for game developers. We're talking about reports on the use of gamepads on Steam, among which Xbox controller takes the top spot.

Steam Tests Option to Play Together Without an Account

Jacob Blazewicz, 25 February 2021, 11:11

Valve has started testing a new Steam client. The beta enables us to check out an enhanced version of the Remote Play Together service, which lets us invite people without an account on the platform to play together.

Steam's Summer Game Festival 2021 Coming in June

Paul Musiolik, 21 February 2021, 15:34

Valve announced the exact start and end dates for this year's Steam Summer Game Festival. The next opportunity to check out unreleased titles will come this June.

Valve Refuses to Give Apple Steam Data Against Epic Games

Jacob Blazewicz, 19 February 2021, 18:09

Valve rejected a request from Apple for Steam data. These would have helped in the fight between the Californian company and Epic Games. However, the platform's owner believes that Apple's demands are by no means as modest as the company portrays.