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News hardware & software 05 February 2019, 16:21

author: ElMundo

Firefox Will Disable Automatic Video Playback

Soon Mozilla Firefox will be able to turn off automatic playback of video materials.

Recently Mozilla – the producer of the popular Firefox browser – announces a number of interesting improvements, which will surely meet with the approval of many Internet users. In September this year, with the release of Firefox version 69, the Flash plug-in will be disabled by default, but soon we will see another significant change.

Firefox 69, which will appear on the web on March 19, will also, by default, turn off the videos that automatically appear when you browse the web. What is important, this applies to both muted materials and those that additionally play sound. Of course, we will be able to watch the video at any time thanks to a button placed on each object of this type. What's interesting, this new feature will also apply to streaming services such as Netflix or YouTube, which also offer the option of automatic video playback.

Of course, Mozilla gives you complete freedom in using the new Firefox plug-in – it will not be a problem to disable it, as well as using the hint option, which allows you to opt out of such content on selected pages. The changes will certainly hit websites that use intrusive forms of advertising, although a decline in such practices is observed in the face of activities carried out by Google, which depreciates these websites, lowering their position in their search engine.

  1. Mozilla official homepage
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