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News video games 10 November 2022, 16:41

author: Damian Gacek

For The King - Tips and Tricks; Best Characters to Start

For The King is a combination of strategy game and RPG. In this guide, we present useful tips and tricks for beginners and recommend the best classes.

For The King is an RPG that requires the player to be very strategic. It is not an easy game, especially considering its randomness. That's why in the following guide we present useful tips and tricks to make your adventure easier. What's more, we'll tell you which classes are the best to start with.

General Tips

  1. Stick together – in For The King you move all characters separately, but it is better to keep them together, so you will have more combat power.
  2. Respect Focus – it is a very useful resource that can be used instead of throwing a dice. Using some weapons is able to restore it. So if you acquire such a "tool", it is worth keeping it, even if it is weaker than your main weapon (and use it in easier fights, for example). Sanctum and Hero statues will also renew your Focus.
  3. Keep in mind the strengths of your team – the game relies on dice rolls in many aspects. To reduce the randomness element, always select people with the right skills for their matching tasks.
  4. Some weapons are breakable – if you use any, remember to have a spare.
  5. Stronger weapons are not always better – sometimes it's worth considering using weaker weapons that require fewer dice rolls for maximum effectiveness.
  6. Look at the level you should not take part in fights that are above the level of your characters. A difference of 1 level can already be a serious obstacle.
  7. Gold is important – during your journey you will have the opportunity to find equipment and perks that allow you to multiply gold. It is a good idea to focus all the bonuses on one character.
  8. Use the Lore Store –you will get points for taking adventures in the campaign. You will be able to spend in a special store in the main menu of the game. You will buy there new characters, items and much more.
  9. Visit cities – you can start tasks there and find merchants.

Best characters to start

For The King - Tips and Tricks; Best Characters to Start - picture #1

As you play, you will be able to unlock different classes in the game. However, some of the best ones you have already available at the very beginning. If you want to create a balanced and strong team, it is worth recruiting Scholar, Blacksmith and Hunter for your adventures.

The first one will serve as a magical support for your team. The second will be able to take the damage, and the third is fast and will attack enemies first.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

Graduate of English Philology and English in Public Communication. His portfolio includes a scientific article on video game translation. Working with since 2019, writing for various departments. Currently, deals with guides and occasionally supports the newsroom. Interested in electronic entertainment since childhood. Loves RPGs and strategies, often also immersing himself in the depths of indie games. In his free time, works on a book and learns film editing.


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