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News video games 12 January 2023, 11:46

author: Damian Gacek

Gatewalkers - Matchmaking Explained; How to invite friends in coop

In this article we talk about the multiplayer aspect of Gatewalkers. You will learn all about matchmaking, coop and inviting friends.

Gatewalkers is a new action RPG with an isometric view. This production is distinguished by survival elements that are rarely found in titles in this genre. Gatewalkers allows players to face various enemies solo and in co-op. In this article, we will talk about the latter aspect of the game. Find out all about multiplayer and who you can play with. Spoiler: Invite your friends.

Gatewalkers matchmaking and coop

You can play Gatewalkers alone or in co-op mode for up to four players. For the time being, there is no built-in matchmaking in the game. You can only play with friends from the Steam platform.

It's worth noting that some of the extra challenges will only be available for multiple (minimum two) players, meaning you won't be able to see everything the game has to offer on your own. The main campaign, however, is entirely completable for single player.

Gatewalkers – How to invite friends

Gatewalkers - Matchmaking Explained; How to invite friends in coop - picture #1

As we wrote above, the game can only be played with your friends from Steam. To connect with other players, select the character icon at the top left of the screen. It is located next to your stats. Remember that you can only summon companions at the base. Once you go on a mission, you will have to manage on your own.

If none of your friends own the game, the developers encourage you to look for someone to play with on the official Gatewalkers Discord server. Otherwise, you are still left with a lot of single-player content.

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