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News guides 09 May 2024, 06:43

author: Agnes Adamus

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) - How to Complete The Brave

In Gray Zone Warfare players explore a fictional Asian region and make series of quests. From this guide you will learn how to complete The Brave task.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare, developer: MADFINGER

Gray Zone Warfare is an online shooter that is currently in early access. The game is very popular – the title is currently played by more than 25,000 people. Players explore a fictional region in Southeast Asia which is under quarantine for unknown reasons. In this dangerous area you can perform a number of quests for 3 different factions. From this guide you will learn how to complete The Brave task.

Gray Zone Warfare – How to Complete The Brave Quest

In Gray Zone Warfare you can complete quests for three different factions – Lamang Recovery Initiative, Mithras Security Systems and Crimson Shield International. The Brave is one of the tasks which you can complete for additional rewards. You will receive it from Lab Rat.

The objective of this mission is to find a missing person named Aulii Syvongsa. Target is located on south of Hunter’s Paradise. It is near Foxtrot 1 and Foxtrot 2. If you don’t have these LZs discovered, checked out our interactive map. The area is heavily guarded. So, you have two options – you will have to fight or use the surrounding flora to sneak past.

Go there, and you will find a body by one of the wooden pole (the precise location is marked on the map presented above). Under man’s feet you will find a Goodbye Letter. Pick it up and take it to Lab Rat in Base Camp. This way you will complete this quest.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare