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News Files and Mods 20 August 2023, 18:56

author: Adrian Werner

Fans Make Impressive Remakes of Half-Life DLC [Update: New Levels]

Half-Life DLCs have never lived to see official remakes, but fans are trying to fill the gap. One such project, based on Opposing Force, has just received a new version.

Source: Valve


Modder danyS007 has released a new version of We Are Not Alone mod for Black Mesa , a remake of the titluar short chapter from the Opposing Force expansion's campaign.

The new version of the project is numbered 2.3. Compared to the previous edition (1.6), the creator not only thoroughly refreshed the entire project, but heavily expanded it compared to those sections from the Opposing Force. As a result We Are Not Alone now offers three extensive levels.

  1. We Are Not Alone - download the mod from our FTP server (the author has given us permission to host a mirror).
Fans Make Impressive Remakes of Half-Life DLC [Update: New Levels] - picture #1
Source: dannyS007

Previous article (May 21, 2023)

Black Mesa offered an excellent remake of the campaign from Half-Life. However, neither the creators of the game,Crowbar Collective, nor Valve itself have any plans to give the expansions for HL, namely Opposing Force and Blue Shift a similar facelift. Fortunately, the series boasts a large and very active modding community, which has shouldered the task of refreshing these expansions.

There are currently a number of such projects in development. Several of them have already received playable versions, and this article is about one of them: Black-Mesa: Crush Depth. We want to draw your attention to this project today, as this mod has just received a new version.

  1. Black-Mesa: Crush Depth - download the mod from our FTP server (the author has given us permission to host amirror)
Fans Make Impressive Remakes of Half-Life DLC [Update: New Levels] - picture #2
Source: danyS007.

Just as the title suggests, this is a mod for Black Mesa that offers a remake of the Crush Depth chapter from the campaign inOpposing Force. We take on the role of Adrian Shephard, who has to tear through an enemy-filled laboratory specializing in marine research.

The modification offers three maps, all of which were part of this chapter in the original. The levels meticulously recreate this part of the expansion's campaign, while offering much better graphics and taking advantage of the gameplay enhancements offered by Black Mesa compared to the first Half-Life. As it stands, the project is practically finished and the author is currently only working on minor technical improvements.

Other remakes of Half-Life add-ons

As we mentioned at the beginning, Crush Depth is one of several fan projects recreating expansions for Half-Life on the engine of Black Mesa. Others you should know about are:

  1. We Are Not Alone - A remake of the title's short chapter from the Opposing Force campaign.
  2. Vicarious Reality - another remake of one of the chapters of Opposing Force. This mod is very fresh - the first demo version was released a few days ago.
  3. Black Mesa: Blue Shift - Chapters 1-4 - a great project that currently remakes the first four chapters from the second expansion for Half-Life. Ultimately, it is intended to be a remake of the entire Blue Shift campaign.

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