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News movies & tv series 21 August 2020, 14:15

author: Aleksandra Dziwinska

Henry Cavill on First Photo From Behind the Scenes of The Witcher S2

Geralt is back on set, and Yennefer gave up her mask. What's happening in Kaer Morhen?

The Witcher doesn't seem too happy with removing of glue and medical tape.

The witcher is back on the set, and Henry Cavill the make-up room. The actor boasted that this year he will have 2 kinds of medical tape and some glue in the make-up room. In the description of the photo on Instagram there was a statement that in coronavirus tests in Kaer Morhen take place twice a week.

Yennefer mask for sale

But this is not the only news from the Witcher's world. A certain propery of Yennefer of Vengerberg has appeared on CharityStars. The mask worn by Anaya Chalotra in the first season of The Witcher can be ours if we have the money. The price has already been raised 8 times, to the current price of 560 euros. You can also bid with aidcoins, bitcoins and ethereum. We will learn the identity of the lucky buyer in 11 days. The money from the sale will go to the British organisation War Child, which fights for the rights and welfare of children in the countries affected by war. Now, however, the organization is focusing on the fight against the coronavirus - "as deadly as war", as the slogan on the official website of the organization says.

Here's the mask that is being auctioned.

The organization traditionally collects funds by selling and organizing lotteries in which the prizes are items related to pop culture. In addition to Yennefer's mask, we can also win a replica of Captain America's shield. One signed by Chris Evans at that.