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News video games 29 April 2024, 06:28

author: Maciej Gaffke

How About Stardew Valley With Baldur's Gate 3 Characters and Brand New Map? Here's Crazy Fan Project

Three fans are working on a mod for Stardew Valley that will introduce Baldur's Gate 3 characters into the game. Part of the project is expected to be available before the first anniversary of the release of Larian Studios' hit game.

Source: Xun / X

Do you love both Baldur's Gate 3 and Stardew Valley? Soon, you will be able to somewhat enjoy both of these games at the same time. All thanks to the fans who are currently working on a mod for Stardew Valley.

Recently, an X user, using the pseudonym Xun, revealed a highly intriguing project that he is collaborating on with two of his friends. Their goal is to create a map called Baldur's Village in Stardew Valley, which will feature many of the beloved characters from the award-winning Larian Studios game.

Xun reported that four heroes are currently in development: Halsin, Shadowheart, Gale, and Astarion. At the moment of release, a "unique romance" will only be possible with our charming vampire. Later, the creators will attempt to facilitate the initiation of romantic relationships with other characters. Astarion was "selected" in this manner because the creator of the mod favored him the most.

One of the commenters on Xun's post asked whether Rolan (we meet him in Act I of BG3) will be in the wizards' tower. The developer guaranteed that this character will be present but it will be placed elsewhere.

Baldur's Village will also have four types of buildings. We will likely learn more details as the work progresses. They need to progress quickly because the creators aim to release some of the content on the Nexus Mods platform before the first anniversary of Baldur's Gate 3's premiere (i.e. August 3rd).

It's also worth reminding that Stardew Valley recently received another patch - details about it can be found here - however, it caused a troublesome error in the game, which ConcernedApe (the dev of the title) wants to remove quickly. Players encounter this glitch when NPCs enter the changing room at the resort on the island.

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Maciej Gaffke

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