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News guides 21 December 2023, 01:04

author: Adam Adamczyk

How to Defeat Earthmover in Ultrakill (Cheese)

In this guide you will learn how to defeat Earthmover in Ultrakill. We will tell you how to deal with it easily. Read our article for more details.

Source: Ultrakill, developer: Arsi "Hakita" Patala

Ultrakill is a very dynamic shooter using specific, angular visuals. During the gameplay we will have to traverse dark levels, fight hordes of enemies and destroy challenging bosses. In this guide you will learn how to defeat Earthmover in Ultrakill.

How to defeat Earthmover in Ultrakill

Earthmover is a boss located at the end of the Violence layer in 7-4 ...Like Antennas to Heaven. It is a huge structure standing on four very long pillars. To defeat it in the traditional way, you need to get to its interior. Then by killing numerous enemies it is necessary to destroy its Defense System. Once you have done this, move upwards until you reach its core. Attack it by moving to the right to avoid contact with the lasers.

After destroying the core you must escape from the colossus as soon as possible. At a certain stage the gate leading outside will be closed and in order to open it you will have to defeat all the opponents located on the flat arena. Once you have done this, jump off the boss and watch the fireworks.

How to cheese Earthmover in Ultrakill

There is another, much faster way to defeat the boss. Using your skills rise to the height of the opponent's head. Then simply come into contact with it. Earthmover will then quickly lose its life bar and explode.

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