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News guides 06 May 2024, 04:22

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Abiotic Factor - Learn All Soup Recipes

Cooking is a part of the crafting system in Abiotic Factor. In this guide, you will find out all the currently known Soup recipes in the game.

Source: Abiotic Factor, developer: Deep Field Games

In the co-op survival Abiotic Factor, you play as a member of a group of scientists stranded in a laboratory overran by unearthly creatures. One of the things you can do to survive is cooking. This guide will focus on making soups, and what notable benefits – or detrimental effects certain mixtures may have.

How to make Soup in Abiotic Factor

In order to make Soup in Abiotic Factor, you need to be at Cooking Level 3, and then prepare a Portable Stove, a Cooking Pot and Water. Depending on what ingredients you place into the water in the pot, you can discover different recipes. Most soups will refill Hunger and Thirst a certain amount; they may also give buffs, but some conoctions will cause your character to fall ill or even die, so exercise caution and common sense.

If you want to know more about what effects different Soups have, visit the Wiki which is regularly updated by fans.

List of Soup Recipes in Abiotic Factor

Recovery or Buffing Soups

These recipes should be safe to consume, provided you are not using ingredients affected with Radiation. If you use an incorrect combination, you may get Bad or Weird Soup, which is not harmful but has weaker restorative properties.

  1. Bland Pea Soup: Canned Peas, Salt,
  2. Meaty Stew: Peccary Chop, Raw Alien, Drumstick, Raw Pest Rump,
  3. Pest Goulash: Raw Pest, Raw Pest Rump, Salt,
  4. Potato and Sausage Stew: Raw Peccary, Sausages, Potato
  5. Simple Tomato Soup: Super Tomato, Salt,
  6. Stewed Peccary and Mushrooms: Potato, Milk Sac, Salt
  7. Sugary slop: Doznuts, Jowlers, Skip
  8. Sustenance Soup: Military M.R.E.
  9. Sweet Porrige: Melted Ice Cream, Anteverse Wheat
  10. Veggie Stew: Potato, Anteverse Wheat, Super Tomato

Harmful Soups

  1. Poop Soup: Feces – Causes Sickness,
  2. Toxic Soup: Rotten Food or Plastic Scrap or Human Body Parts – Causes Sickness,
  3. Killer Soup: Glass or Tech Scrap – Causes Death.
Abiotic Factor

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