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News video games 30 April 2024, 01:36

author: Adrian Werner

New on Steam. Half-Life-Inspired Survival and Paradox's Response to Satisfactory

This week, games such as Abiotic Factor, Foundry, Let Bions Be Bygones, FRONT MISSION 2: Remake, INDIKA, and MotoGP 24 will be released on Steam, while the highly anticipated expansions for Stronghold: Definitive Edition and Total War: Warhammer 3 will also debut.

Source: Deep Field Games

Welcome to our series in which we discuss the most important upcoming releases on Steam. Major publishers mostly took this week off. However, we are looking forward to the debuts of several anticipated games from smaller studios. Especially fans of co-op and adventure games should be pleased.

The premiere of the week is Abiotic Factor (May 2nd in early access)

Selecting the premiere of the week was challenging this time because no single title stood out above the others. Judging by the number of followers of individual games on Steam, Foundry, and Abiotic Factor are the most popular. In the end, we opted for the second option because it looks more fresh.

Abiotic Factor is a survival cooperative action game inspired by the first Half-Life. Players will take on the roles of employees at a secret research facility, in the style of Black Mesa, who will have to survive after the building is taken over by alien monsters. It requires both fighting and gathering resources for crafting, as well as careful resource management.

The entire project reminds me of the popular Lethal Company, but the devs cannot be accused of copying that title, as Abiotic Factor was announced as early as 2022.

  1. Abiotic Factor on Steam

Most important premieres on Steam: April 29 - May 5, 2024.

April 29

Denizen (early access)

Denizen is a sandbox RPG game designed to simulate life in the modern world. This is clearly a low-budget position, but the studio responsible for it, Departure Interactive, has shown that they know how to make cool games at a low cost. The team developed Metro Sim Hustle and Bartender Hustle, which have 78% and 84% positive reviews on Steam, respectively.

  1. Denizen on Steam

Echoes of the Plum Grove

The Farmers' Festival will start today on Steam, and the developers of Echoes of the Plum Grove decided to take advantage of it. It's a relaxing game that simulates life in a small community. We will be farming, making friends, cooking, constructing items, and discovering numerous secrets of the island we inhabit.

  1. Echoes of the Plum Grove on Steam

Farm Manager World (early access)

If you prefer a more serious approach to agricultural themes, you might be interested in Farm Manager World, which is already available in early access. This is a classic economic strategy game, in which our task will be to transform a small farm into an agricultural powerhouse.

The game was developed by the Polish studio Cleversan Games. The previous installment of the series was warmly received - it has 79% positive reviews on Steam.

  1. Farm Manager World on Steam

April 30th


Front Mission 2: Remake, a refreshed version of the iconic tactical RPG from 1997 where we commanded squads of mechs, is set to premiere today. The project is managed by the Polish studio Storm Trident.

The remake of the first instalment was warmly received (it has 79% positive reviews on Steam). We hope that the remake will be equally as good as the original Front Mission 2, which was superior to the first part in every way.

  1. FRONT MISSION 2: Remake on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

Let Bions Be Bygones

Let Bions Be Bygones is a promising adventure game that will combine the atmosphere of noir detective stories with the realities of cyberpunk. The title is set to offer a great deal of freedom in conducting investigations and side quest. The beautiful graphic design is expected to be an additional advantage.

  1. Let Bions Be Bygones on Steam

Odd Eye

Today, Odd Eye will also debut on Steam. This is a 2D platform game with strong adventure elements, in which players will need to demonstrate both dexterity and cunning while solving puzzles.

The title was released on mobile devices some time ago, where its reception was mixed (3.6/5 stars on Google Play). The players of the mobile version praised the execution, plot, and gameplay, but mainly criticized the poor controls. On PC, where we won't have to deal with controlling the character through a touchscreen, Odd Eye has a chance to spread its wings.

  1. Odd Eye on Steam
News on Steam. Half-Life-Inspired Survival and Paradoxs Response to Satisfactory - picture #1
Photo source: PlayDay.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition: Valley of the Wolf Campaign

Fans of Stronghold: Definitive Edition are counting down the hours to the premiere of the Valley of the Wolf Campaign expansion, which will introduce a new campaign to the game.

  1. Stronghold: Definitive Edition: Valley of the Wolf Campaign on Steam

Tales from Candleforth

In turn, Tales from Candleforth is a promising adventure game with beautiful two-dimensional graphics. In the game, we will need to confront a series of dark fairy tales written in an ancient book. These stales begin to emerge from the pages of the book and change the reality of the village where the main character lives.

  1. Tales from Candleforth on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

Total War: Warhammer III - Thrones of Decay

Fans of Total War: Warhammer III are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the Thrones of Decay expansion. Interestingly, the DLC will be divided into three parts, allowing us to purchase only those elements that interest us.

  1. Total War: WARHAMMER III - Elspeth - Thrones of Decay na Steamie
  2. Total War: WARHAMMER III - Malakai - Thrones of Decay na Steamie
  3. Total War: WARHAMMER III - Tamurkhan - Thrones of Decay na Steamie

May 2nd

Foundry (early access)

This week, the game Foundry will be released in early access, a game conceived as Paradox's response to the popular Satisfactory. This will be a first-person title, in which our task will be to build factories on alien planets. The developers aim to differentiate themselves from the original by creating a much more dynamic world, achieved through the use of voxel technology.

  1. Foundry on Steam


Hexguardian is a tower defense strategy enriched with roguelike elements. One interesting feature of the game is that we won't just be constructing defensive structures. Instead, we can also focus on developing the maps themselves.

  1. Hexguardian on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.


INDIKA is an intriguing adventure game enriched with arcade elements. The action will take place in an alternative version of 19th-century Russia, and the game will tell the story of a nun traveling in the company of the Devil.

  1. INDIKA on Steam

MotoGP 24

Thursday will also see the release of MotoGP 24, the latest version of Milestone Studio's motorcycle racing game series. The devs promise updated licenses, a higher level of realism, improved AI, and deeper gameplay mechanisms.

  1. MotoGP 24 on Steam

Surmount: A Mountain Climbing Adventure

Surmount: A Mountain Climbing Adventure is a climbing-themed platform game. The game won't take itself too seriously, focusing on pure fun and an exaggerated physics engine.

  1. Surmount: A Mountain Climbing Adventure on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

The Political Machine 2024

This year, presidential elections will be held in the USA, so the company Stardock will traditionally release a new installment of its series of political strategies. We can control the campaigns of real candidates as well as a politician created entirely by us in The Political Machine 2024.

  1. The Political Machine 2024 on Steam
News on Steam. Half-Life-Inspired Survival and Paradoxs Response to Satisfactory - picture #2
Photo source: Stardock.

Undead Inc.

Undead Inc. is a strategy enriched with simulation elements in which we will run a medical facility. We can either focus on legitimate business or take on riskier yet more lucrative prohibited experiments.

  1. Undead Inc. on Steam

May 3rd


BLOODKILL is a boomer shooter inspired by shooters from the late 90s. The game will focus on brutal combat to the rhythm of heavy metal music.

The devs already have one well-received retro shooter under their belt, namely RUSLICSTAN INVADES, which has garnered 84% positive reviews on Steam.

  1. BLOODKILL on Steam

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