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News movies & tv series 26 May 2020, 11:17

author: Adrian Werner

Indiana Jones 5 With New, Experienced Director

The speculation from few months ago has been confirmed. Indiana Jones 5 will be directed by James Mangold, known from Logan, among others. This is the first part of the iconic series, which will not be directed by Steven Spielberg.

Last time we saw the world's most famous movie archaeologist was in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from 2008.

The fifth instalment of the Indiana Jones film series finally found its director. It is James Mangold, who has made such films as Logan, Walk the Line and last year's Ford v Ferrari. This information was revealed by Frank Marshall, producer of the movie, in an interview recorded for the upcoming documentary movie Laurel Canyon.

The first reports of the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones series appeared back in 2016. At that time, the director was to be Steven Spielberg, who played this role in the previous four parts. However, he resigned in February this year. There were immediate reports that talks with James Mangold started, but nothing was decided at that point. Now we know that the negotiations were successful.

The fourth part of the series met with significantly colder reception than the three previous ones.

In the interview, Frank Marshall explains that the chosen director is an ideal candidate to take over the baton from Spielberg. According to him, Mangold is not only talented but also a big fan of the brand and a friend of Harrison Ford. He also has experience in refreshing classic film formulas.

Interestingly, work on Indiana Jones 5's scenario was only supposed to start recently. This suggests that James Mangold started the project from scratch, instead of relying on a previously developed plot.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a lot longer for the movie. Currently, Disney is planning to release it in 2022. However, the situation in Hollywood is very uncertain because of the coronavirus situation and the industry is still trying to establish procedures that will allow for the resuming of production.

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