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News hardware & software 15 December 2021, 15:07

Intel Develops Software to Use LAN Hardware for Metaverse

Metaverse will require a lot from hardware. Intel takes a step towards this technology and announces the ability to share computing power between devices, including those from competing companies.

  • "There's strength in numbers" is what Intel seems to be thinking as it works on software that can distribute computing tasks to other devices in a local area network.

During Monday's conference, Intel revealed a few details about the hardware side of its metaverse launch. The virtual worlds of the so-called Internet 2.0 may demand more from the hardware than we think. To cope, thedevices will be able to tap into the processing power of nearby processors, including those manufactured by competitors.

Raja M. Koduri, chief architect and senior vice president of Intel's architecture, graphics and software division, says the company is working on software that can distribute tasks among devices on a local network. This will happen when there is a need for more computing power than a device can provide, and other devices on the network are not doing essential work. The manufacturer of the CPU or GPU is not important. Even competing units will be "hired" for the job.

"The way we are architecting all the layers is that it is going to work with everybody's hardware, as long as they are on industry standard specifications. There'll be a lot of open sourcing involved with everything that we build," said Raja Koduri

Perhaps, judging from this passage, such a feature will apply not only to the metaverse, but also to gaming and other computer activities in general. I wonder, what will be the effect of bandwidth speed, what software will be supported by Intel's CPUs, and finally - what kinds of devices will be "collectivized". The local dispersion of computing power may slightly change the way we use our computers.

Perhaps Intel's new software is an expression of a lack of faith in a quick end to semiconductor shortages?

Arkadiusz Strzala

Arkadiusz Strzala

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