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Intel Arc GPUs Could Compete With Refreshed RTX 2060

Sodar, 13 September 2021, 15:26

A slide has leaked to the web, showing the performance classification and prices of Arc Alchemist chips. It looks like Intel is unlikely to attack the positions of the RTX 3090 and Radeon 6800 XT flagships.

Intel May Unveil New Cooling With Alder Lake CPUs

GRG, 13 September 2021, 14:36

A Twitter post suggests that a new range of stock fans to cool Intel's 12th-gen CPUs may be in the pipeline.

Leaked Benchmark Suggest i9-12900K is One Smoking Hot Beast

Sodar, 31 August 2021, 15:44

Load test, most likely involving the new i9-12900K CPU from the Alder Lake-S generation, have been leaked. It was very warm and a lot of power was used.

Intel Core i5-12600K Could be a Hit; AMD has Reasons to Worry

Sodar, 26 August 2021, 16:20

The Core i5-12600K could be the hit of Intel's upcoming Alder Lake generation of processors. If it retains the price level of previous i5 releases, it has a chance to outclass even AMD's Ryzen 7 5800X chip.

Intel Alder Lake Hybrid CPUs Could Shake Up the Market

Sodar, 20 August 2021, 22:23

The 12th-gen Alder Lake processors will be Intel's first hybrid chips. They will have two types of cores with different specializations. An interesting function connected with it is Thread Director.

Intel Reveals Arc, Competitor to GeForce and Radeon

Sodar, 17 August 2021, 14:19

The color palette in the GPU market will be supplemented by the color blue. Soon, in addition to GeForce from Nvidia and Radeon from AMD, gamers will be able to choose Arc from Intel.

Intel May Hinder AMD's Recovery

Sodar, 16 August 2021, 18:34

Intel is reserving the lion's share of TSMC's production capacity in 3nm lithography. In doing so, it may make life a bit more difficult for AMD and Apple, which rely on third-party chip manufacturing.

Gigabyte Hacked; 112 GB of Documents From AMD and Intel in the Hands of Attackers

Michael Kulakowski, 10 August 2021, 19:06

Gigabyte, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, was attacked by hackers and became a victim of a ransomware attack. The criminals are threatening to publish more than 112GB of the company's confidential files, which include sensitive technical documents from AMD and Intel, among others.

Intel Plans a Megafactory in the U.S.; Expands Existing Facilities

Sodar, 10 August 2021, 17:34

Intel is planning to build a new factory in the US and is expanding the Oregon facility. Is the capacity expansion an answer to the chip crisis and the popularity of AMD processors?

AMD on the Offensive - Ryzens Much More Popular Than Intel CPUs

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 August 2021, 20:06

Intel still rules the CPU market, but AMD is starting to tread on its heels. In fact, the new Ryzen 5000 have made AMD's CPUs much more popular in some stores than Intel's.

Intel Changes the Rules of the Game; Forget About Nanometers

Sodar, 27 July 2021, 16:51

Intel is changing the rules of the nanometer race. It stops using this measure in naming lithographic processes. After „10nm”, the next step in technology development is simply „Intel 7”.

Intel's New CPU Significantly Faster Than Ryzen; Alder Lake CPU Benchmark Leaked

Sodar, 21 July 2021, 15:22

A benchmark of the new Intel i9-12900K processor has been leaked. The model from the upcoming Alder Lake generation may be up to 25% faster than the top Ryzen 5950X. Release coming later this year.

Windows 11 Won't Support Ryzen 1000 series and Intel CPUs Below 8th Gen

Darius Matusiak, 26 June 2021, 22:08

The list of processors officially supported by Windows 11 turns out to be surprising. Microsoft bets on the latest generations and cutts off many popular models, at least officially.

Intel on Chip Shortages - Better Get Used to It

Jacob Blazewicz, 01 June 2021, 13:35

Pat Gelsinger once again addressed the current chip supply problems. Unfortunately, Intel's CEO still confirms that the semiconductor shortage could last for several years.

Intel's 7nm Meteor Lake CPUs Reached a Milestone

Bartlomiej Sagan, 25 May 2021, 12:02

Intel has reached another milestone in its proprietary manufacturing technology for the Meteor Lake family of CPUs. The 14th generation of Core CPUs is expected to bring the long-awaited change in lithography to 7nm.

Intel Alder Lake-S Said to Offer Twice the Performance and Launch This Year

Sodar, 11 May 2021, 18:56

The new generation of Intel Alder Lake-S CPUs is expected to arrive before the end of 2021. This could be quite an event, because the new CPUs not only offer much better performance, but also support DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 and departure from the 14 nm process.

Intel and TSMC Claim Chip Shortage is a Long-term Problem

Jacob Blazewicz, 16 April 2021, 17:02

The problem with shortage of chips and, subsequently, hardware that needs them may drag on for years. That's the grim scenario being drawn by the CEOs of Intel and major semiconductor manufacturer TSMC.

Intel Xe-HPG DG2 May Compete With RTX 3080

Sodar, 10 April 2021, 16:52

The first pictures and specs of Intel GPUs have leaked. The most powerful Xe-HPG model is expected to rank between GeForce RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 in terms of performance. Intel is also preparing an equivalent of Nvidia's DLSS.

Nvidia GPUs and Intel CPUs Still Reign Supreme on Steam

Karol Laska , 03 April 2021, 19:49

Steam, according to tradition, examined how the hardware used by platform's users has changed in March 2021. There are no surprises - Nvidia and Intel remain at the top.

First Reviews: Rocket Lake-S - With Good Performance Comes Great Power Consumption

Bart Swiatek, 31 March 2021, 16:43

Benchmarks of the new desktop CPUs from Intel - the so-called Rocket Lake-S line - have appeared in the web. How does Intel's 11th-gen perform under fire?

Apple's M1 CPU Bested Intel Core i7-11700K in Benchmark

Jacob Blazewicz, 26 March 2021, 16:45

Some interesting CPU test results have appeared on Passmark's website. The Apple M1, known mostly from Mac laptops, won against the i7-11700K in single-core performance.

Intel Xe HPG GPU May Match RTX 3070

Evil96, 15 March 2021, 14:33

The Intel XE HPG has may compete with the GeForce RTX 3070, and the card is said to be 20 times faster than the Iris Pro 5200, indicating high performance, able to match Nvidia's card.

Core i7-11700K Performs Worse in Video Games Than Predecessor

Bart Swiatek, 08 March 2021, 14:50

Editors of AnandTech tested Intel's latest CPU, Core i7-11700K, which will debut on the market on March 30. It seems that in video games the processor performs worse than Intel's last year's CPU.

Intel Iris Xe GPU Will Not Work With AMD Processors

Bart Swiatek, 28 January 2021, 15:16

According to the information presented by Intel, the dedicated Iris Xe DG1 GPU will work only with motherboards based on a specific chipset. This means that the GPU will not work with AMD processors.

Intel i9-11900K Price and First Benchmarks

Bartlomiej Sagan, 18 January 2021, 21:13

Considering the high prices of the Ryzen 5000 series, expectations are high for the upcoming Rocket Lake family processors from Intel. However, the latest reports raise some concerns.

No More PIN in ATMs? Intel Announces RealSense ID

Bart Swiatek, 08 January 2021, 21:26

Intel has officially presented RealSense ID - Face ID-like face recognition system that can detect fraudsters. The technology can be used, among others, in ATMs.

Intel Core i9-11900K May be the New King of Single-thread Performance

Bart Swiatek, 04 January 2021, 20:17

Thanks to leaks from several sources, we learned some details about the performance of Intel's new processors - Core i9-11900K and Core i7-11700K.

Will Intel Bounce Back to the Top with i9-11900K? Specs and Performance Leaks

Bart Woldanski, 14 December 2020, 19:36

In recent years, we exerienced Intel's dominantion in gaming, but with the release of AMD's Ryzen 5000 CPU, the leader's position has been challenged. Now, performance and specs of the upcoming Rocket Lake series CPUs leaked to the web.

AMD Announces Ryzen 5000 CPUs Today; Intel Plans Response

Bart Woldanski, 08 October 2020, 15:01

As announced, AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs based on the Zen 3 architecture will be officially revealed today. Simultaneously, Intel has confirmed the release of Rocket Lake-S chips.

Apple Currently Owns Over 25% of the CPU Market

Bart Swiatek, 05 October 2020, 11:59

Another edition of the usual hardware survey appeared on Steam. It shows that AMD already controls over 25% of the CPU market. The data also indicates stagnation in VR goggle sector.

Laptop With Intel Xe GPU Will Debut in Less Than a Month

Bart Swiatek, 07 August 2020, 12:19

Intel has announced that at the beginning of September the first laptop equipped with Tiger Lake CPU and integrated Xe GPU will appear in the shops.

Intel has a Problem - 20 GB of Classified Data and Tools Have Leaked

Bart Swiatek, 07 August 2020, 11:33

There has been a major leak of classified data at Intel. A 20-gigabyte package containing, among other things, CPU blueprints and tools used by the company's employees has surfaced online.

Intel's in Trouble Again; Launch of 7 nm CPUs Delayed

Bart Woldanski, 24 July 2020, 22:47

Intel has announced a delay in the release of 7-nanometer CPUs. Thus, plans to introduce the new lithography may be delayed by at least one year. We also learned about the release date of Intel Alder Lake-S processors.

Misleading Comparison of Intel and AMD CPU

Mikolaj Laszkiewicz, 24 June 2020, 17:59

Slides have leaked into the web, where Intel compares with AMD and claims that its laptop CPUs are more efficient in video games. However, Internet users do not fully agree with this.

30 FPS in Battlefield 5 on Laptop With Integrated GPU

Sodar, 18 June 2020, 11:17

The Tiger Lake generation processors will have a powerful GPU. The Battlefield V maintains a stable 30 fps in 1080p and high detail, as shown in a recently published video.

Mac Without Intel? Apple is Working on Its Own Processor

Bart Swiatek, 10 June 2020, 11:14

According to reports from Bloomberg, Apple is working on its own desktop CPU. It seems that after fifteen years, the company may soon end its cooperation with Intel.

Intel Xe DG1 - Intel's GPU Weaker Than RX 560 in 3DMark

Smoczy, 31 May 2020, 20:35

There have been leaks concerning Intel's new GPU. In the 3DMark benchmark, the GPU is comparable to the GTX 950, but it may best other integrated GPUs.

After 15 Years, Creator of Linux Switches from Intel to AMD

Bart Swiatek, 25 May 2020, 10:44

Linus Torvalds, the creator of the well-known Linux operating system, decided to use an AMD processor for the first time in 15 years. He chose Threadripper 3970X.

Intel Respons - Comet Lake CPU Reviews

Bart Swiatek, 21 May 2020, 18:06

Numerous reviews of new desktop processors developed by Intel - the so-called Comet Lake series - have appeared online. Is the tenth generation of Intel CPU worthy of attention?

Intel Core i9-10900K vs Ryzen 9 3950X; Difference of a Few FPS

Smoczy, 19 May 2020, 16:59

Comparisons of Intel Core i9-10900K and Ryzen 9 3950X have appeared on the web, showing that the difference in performance is not as significant as we had expected.

Your K-series CPU Went Up in Flames? You'll Get a New One

Sodar, 14 May 2020, 14:08

Intel is extending its Performance Tuning Protection Plan CPU insurance to the 10th generation K-Series (Comet Lake). The service includes one replacement of a damaged CPU with a new one.

Comet Lake-S CPUs Are Obsolete; LGA 1700 Socket is Coming

Michael Kulakowski, 05 May 2020, 21:06

The upcoming Intel Comet Lake-S and Rocket Lake-S CPU will become completely obsolete after only a dozen or so months on the market. In 2021 the company intends to introduce a new, incompatible with its predecessors, socket LGA 1700, which will appear together with the 12th generation Alder Lake-S chips.

AMD vs Intel - R3 3100 May be the Best Low Cost CPU

Smoczy, 05 May 2020, 12:45

Intel Core i3 10100 vs AMD Ryzen 3 3100. Which is the best low-cost processor? Available benchmarks herald the advantage of AMD.

Intel Xe GPU Not for Gamers

Conrad Hazi, 04 May 2020, 19:09

After Intel presented the first photos of the Xe-HP chpset last week, many players' hearts skipped a beat. However, the company is cooling down the enthusiasm and announces that the chips are being developed for data centers and other professional applications.

Z490 Chipset-based Mainboards Will Support Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU

Conrad Hazi, 01 May 2020, 16:06

As Gigabyte suggests, motherboards built on the Z490 chipset and supporting PCIe 4.0 are expected to be compatible with both the latest Intel CPU from the Comet Lake-S family and the next generation, Rocket Lake-S. This also means that both chip families should be based on the LGA1200 socket.

Intel Comet Lake-S CPU - Final Specs and Prices Revealed

Bart Swiatek, 29 April 2020, 14:33

A leak revealed the final specs and prices of the Intel Comet Lake-S line CPUs. The source of information is a presentation of the company published by a Spanish website.

Intel: New Tiger Lake CPU in Mid-year

Sodar, 24 April 2020, 16:21

Intel remains financially successful despite the crisis. Revenues increased by 23% compared to the same period last year.

Mainboard Prices For Intel's New CPUs May be Astronomical

Smoczy, 22 April 2020, 20:18

The Z490 chipset offers from Gigabyte and MSI have leaked into the web. If we believe the rumors, we can expect really big price increases.

New Data Shows Intel's Dominant Position in China

Bart Swiatek, 17 April 2020, 11:07

Data from the Chinese benchmark Master Lu shows a picture of the PC market in China. The Chinese are most likely to use Intel processors and graphics cards from Nvidia.

Mobile Ryzen 9 Beats Desktop Core i9 in Benchmark

Bart Swiatek, 15 April 2020, 13:55

Intel's new desktop processor - Core i9-10900F - scored lower than the competitive AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS, a dedicated laptop CPU, in the Geekbench multi-core performance benchmark.