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News guides 28 November 2023, 06:57

author: Agnes Adamus

Lethal Company - Drill and Don’t Tell Mystery Explained

In Lethal Company headquarters of our employer has a secret area. This guide will tell you more about drill and Don’t Tell mystery.

Source: Lethal Company, developer: Zeekerss

Lethal Company is very popular co-op horror. In this game you take on the role of a Company employee who collects scrap metal from abandoned industrial moons. The headquarters of our employer hides a secret location. From this guide you will learn more about drill and Don’t Tell mystery.

Drill and Don’t Tell mystery in Lethal Company

At the Company's headquarters on 71-Gordion you can find a hatch in the floor. It is located between the containers. There is a ladder underneath the door that leads to the underground complex. It will lead you to the drill, which faces the building. On its hull one can find the words "DONT TELL”. In addition, it has two holes on it. These are similar to those found in the generators located in the facilities you explore.

This may suggest that you can charge the drill with batteries. Some players speculate that the Company can be destroyed with it. Others, assume that this device should allow us to discover the secrets of our employer. For the moment, however, it will not work. This is because both sockets are blocked. Most likely, it is an element related to future content. If you want to solve the mystery, all that remains is to wait for an upcoming updates. Of course, there is a chance that the idea will be abandoned as an easter egg, It would be a shame.

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Lethal Company

Lethal Company

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