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News Files and Mods 24 September 2023, 22:48

author: Adrian Werner

Biggest Mod Deus Ex Lived to See Version 2.0 After Many Years

The Nameless Mod, one of the biggest fan projects for the first Deus Ex, has received update 2.0, which thoroughly revamps the modification and improves most of its elements.

Source: Nameless Mod Team

After long years of work, version 2.0 of the classic fan project The Nameless Mod has finally been released; it's one of the most important modifications to the first part of Deus Ex.

The Nameless Mod made its debut in 2009. In the following months, the project lived to see a series of small updates, and then work on its development was stopped. A few years ago, a new group of fans decided to refresh the modification, and the fruit of their work is the 2.0 edition. Its test versions began to appear as early as 2020, but only now have we received the full release.

  1. The Nameless Mod - download the mod from our FTP server

The project is based on a very original idea. The action takes place in a world that is the personification of a network discussion forum dedicated to Deus Ex (the main inspiration was the now-defunct website called Communities, individual subforums, threads, etc. were converted into virtual locations, where all fan wars were turned into bloody conflicts. We play the role of an agent sent to this place with the mission to find the missing moderator.

The Nameless Mod offers an extensive story campaign, a ton of new visual elements and several important changes, such as the possibility of melee combat or dozens of additional types of weaponry. On top of that, the gameplay places great emphasis on detective themes.

Compared to the original version of the mod update 2.0 offers a ton of improvements. The creators refreshed all 58 maps from the original, not only strongly improving their graphics, but also making sure that they can be completed both stealthily and relying on open confrontations. A number of alternative task completion methods have also been implemented for each challenge, as well as expanding some maps with new locations and missions. Three secret levels have also been added, and all the gameplay and engine improvements from other big fan projects, such as Deus Ex: Revision or Deus Ex: Transcended.

  1. The Nameless Mod on ModDB
  2. The Nameless Mod on Steam Workshop

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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